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Urban Legends; a nice way to blog-build-up-to Halloween

Many years ago I went through a phase of importing books. I have always loved to read; Biographies, The Classics (especially Dickens), Horror of all kinds, football books etc. After visiting the bookshop 'Waterstones' some many years ago, I discovered - to my delight, that there was a way to order literature from abroad, and that there was, 'hidden' near one of my favourite sections, the true-crime, a whole book shelf containing rare imported fiction and non-fiction. From then on, I would make it a regular place to visit, especially after receiving my wages. Within a couple of years I had established quite the collection of the macabre. Mainly, I must confess, biographies on the famous and lesser-known serial killers. Books on Bundy, Ramirez, Dahmer and Gacy were plentiful. Before long I was purchasing books on Charles NG and Leonard Lake, Ed Kemper III and Albert Fish. It was then that my friends and family gave up worrying... or rather - gave up! Since my early years flirtations with books of dark materials: Satanism, Poltergeists, Paranormal Events, Exorcists and their exorcisms, true accounts of course... The Denis Wheatley novels soon followed, with a slap of King and layer of Barker to go with it. Tremendous. Some fifteen or so years later, my collection had then expanded into it's very own true-crime, World War II, and the aforementioned Ghostly and Demonic literature to complete the macabre mountain of books.

However one book that happened to fall to my feet (literally) earlier this week, was a large heavily bound cracker that I had forgotten about amongst the many. An Encyclopedia of Urban Legends from around the globe. I have been fascinated by the 'Urban Legends' and how they become established and maintain an existence throughout generations. Where was the seed initially planted; who established it to grow? How do some become so popular that many don't even realise they truly are Urban Legends. These fabulous 'stories' become engrained in our culture and I thought it might be of interest to post one or two of my favourites (in my own words) that I have heard over the years.

Watch this space tomorrow. I thought I would start with a rather humerous one as a nice nod to the weekend.

Until Tomorrow, Stay Scared Folks x

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