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These are images taken from Oil Print's I have created through Lockdown.  It is really a dedication to the entire DPP Video nasty list.  I have also penned a blog on this very subject if you are interested... (check my blog on the 'Info' tab...

The Plague Doctor from "Scary Story: A Halloween Tale"

The Plague Doctor Haunting

I created this over Lockdown.  As a published author of horror; a person who has collected movie and macabre memorabilia for nearing thirty years, I decided to begin a project which will consist of prints taken from an oil paint image created and produced by myself.  Some of these images I am producing will be of famous icons in the horror genre, others will be of characters I have created.   This is the first in a line of horror 'characters' of which I am re-creating (The Plague Doctor character, from my new novel "Scary Story: A Halloween Story") in oil colour and then selling a limited amount of prints.

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