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The Field : Reviews

Wow, what a stonking read! Having read and enjoyed W A Romes first Novel 'Glory Hole' I have eagerly awaited his next novel and 'The Field' has not disappointed. The Field is a completely different book to Glory Hole and in my opinion even better. The book starts off slowly but by chapter 2-3 has really picked up the pace and had me hooked. The book is unrelenting and builds in intensity as you turn each page, I genuinely found it difficult to put this book down. I felt the book was a story of two halves with the first half concentrating on the demonic possession of two of its unfortunate characters and the second half delving into the depraved and sinister world of satanism, both with a hint a hint towards some extra terrestrial interest.

The book is well researched with reference to demons and practices rarely referenced in other books of this genre. The characters are excellent with brilliant names such as Toppletone and Dr Schlobert. Romes brilliant descriptive prose enables you to easily visualize these seedy, disgusting and sinister individuals, however you are never sure if they are who they seem and who is really evil and who can be trusted.

The book twists and turns throughout keeping you on the edge of you seat all the way through with plenty of unpleasant surprises. This book is shocking, scary, unpleasant and uncomfortable, just as a good horror should be. It is not a book to read if you shock or scare easily, but if that is your thing then read it!

I really enjoyed this book my only disappointment is the wait for the second book in the trilogy, Oh well, I'll have time to read The Field all over again in the meantime.

Andy D - November 11, 2015

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