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An amazing read. Impossible to put down, as there is a constant need to know what happens next. Cannot wait for the next book.

W.A.Rome - you are at the start of an amazing journey x

Liz Rainford - Salford


Wow! Just finished it.

The authors depiction of Mary is so strong that when I read her parts it made me want to get clean with a hot shower! Really good character writing. It made me feel grubby! Ha.

I really liked Ivan's character and can imagine someone like Ron Perlman (hellboy) playing him in a movie of this book.

John was more subtle for me but that was good as I liked him as a bit of an enigma, a lost soul that no one really knew, albeit a sick murdering b*stard devoid of any human emotion.

I want to see John back with Ivan causing terror for Andrews and that Taylor goes back to Texas to help him catch them both in the act of something truly despicable.

I hate it when a good story finishes but those are best ones.

Please write the next one soon new author Warren A Rome.

Read this book. You will love every minute of it. You know it's good when you awake at 4am to read it on your Kindle!

Susan Jackson - 20th August 2013


I was recommended to read this book on a FB Richard Laymon group and I'm glad I did as the book is very good.

Not unlike Laymon, it's graphically rude and gory but the story is very fast paced, the characters are likeable and well developed.

The story is a good one, and it's set across England and America which gives it an interesting twist!

All in all a very good read, def worth 4 stars, particularly as this is the first novel by this author, I didn't expect it to be this good!

Louise - Tyldesley - 09/08/13


GLORY HOLE is based in Manchester England,and the USA. It revolves around an attempt to find a serial killer killing in Manchester but with links to the USA. The characters are thrust into the forefront of the book immediately. They are easy to become attached to and their personalities are fantastically created by the author.

The way the book is written can relate to everyday life,meaning the plot is possible in real life giving the reader even more anxiety when reading!The author has done a great job in combining present day and past situations without the reader becoming confused which can happen in some books.

The writing style brings the characters to life, with their personalities becoming evident in the way of speech. Occasional out bursts of foul language adds to the character of the book, as well as the writing throughout. As its a story based on a serial killer,there are parts of well written and descriptive murder. Not for the faint hearted but great for the lovers of macabre!

Being a die hard Richard Laymon fan,I was dubious and curious about the new book on the horror block. I needn't of been so unsure,the book delivered from the first chapter and had me hooked from there on in. I was craving the blood and core and was not disappointed as this was aparent from the first couple of chapters. I related easily to the characters,and came out in empathy with one part way through the book which was a total surprise to me!I enjoyed the book from start to finish and felt the need to read "just that next chapter",which of course never actually meant one! This was the course of the book.

Due to the book being so addictive, I am now eagerly awaiting the next book from this new author. I predict good things for Mr Rome and expect the next book of his to be just as blood thirsty and addictive as Glory Hole.

Natalie 22nd August 2013


This is a must have, must read, can't put down book! Brilliant writing by W A Rome - a gripping thriller that has you captured from the start. Can't wait for the next.

Heather Williams 13th August 2013


This is a well written book, I am find every excuse to go find a room to go read it it’s a book too good to put down, I would recommend to anyone, Warren.A.Rome fantastic new author, hopefully more books to come.. I will be definitley going to be purchasing.

Emma Davies 15th August 2013


Wow, what a belter of a book, grabbed me from the start with an incredible first chapter and then kept me hooked with a pace that kept me on the edge of my seat and not wanting to put it down. Brilliant book with a brilliant ending that has left me awaiting the next instalment of Taylor & Seba.

Thoroughly recommended although not for the squeamish or faint hearted.

Be warned: Reading this book may cause extended and frequent visits to the toilet as well as damage to your relationship. Unless your partner is patient and tolerant and doesn’t mind you not talking to them whilst your nose is stuck firmly in this brilliant book, receiving only the occasional grunt of acknowledgement particularly in response to the question ‘would you like a cup of tea’. The positive side is you’ll read it quickly and be speaking again in a day or two.


Andy D 13th August 2013


Usually if I saw something about a 'glory hole' I would bypass it and carry on looking for something else (as usually they tend to be some form of 'straight man turns gay' porn - and please, haven't we had enough of those..? lol). However the picture on the front of this book was so striking, and thank fully was not either a) a giant penis or b) an S&M girl bent over. The piercing blue eye should be enough to draw anyone into clicking on the title, which is exactly what I did... and I couldn't have been happier about it!! The plot (without giving too much away) was right up my street, a serial killer committing grim crimes and a (likeable/unlikeable? you decide) cop racing against time to catch him and put him behind bars! What's not to love about a good old serial killer yarn, and to top it off, it's set between both America and England - my two favourite countries!!

The characters in this book were very well thought out as are the places, I particularly enjoyed the deputy sheriff - I'd prob buy a book based on her life alone - this one didn't delve into it enough for me but that's okay as the story wasn't about her, but it left me wanting more which I think can only be a good thing right?

Ivan - this is a great character, and no opinion from me will give him the justice he so readily deserves, you'll have to read for yourself to find out about this one.

Taylor - very well developed, I'm glad she wasn't perfect as you so often see in these kind of books, I loved the juxtaposition of her and Andrews solving this crime while she was trying her best to stay sober (or was she..? lol)

All in all a great read, I was going to award 4 stars, but writing this review had me chuckling at the Deputy Sheriff all over again so I have to bump it up to five!

Note to author: seriously great ending, all too often I'm let down by a great book with a flat end, this one was brilliant! If you've written anything else I can't find it, so I'm definatly going to be looking you up in the future! Glory Hole Two...?

P.S. I read this in one sitting - I just could not put it down!

Louise - Greater Manchester August 9th 2013


I am honoured to be the first to review 'Glory Hole', a new release by W.A.Rome.

'Glory Hole' is a magnificent piece of literature, its plot, locations, characters and of course its murders are truly stunning !

Gripping, Disturbing, Emotional, Humorous (just enough to ease the tension), Sleazy and Absolutely Awesome !! Think 'Silence of the Lambs' meets 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'. I thouroughly recommend it !

I won't give anything away but look out for 'Ivan'........What a guy ! HA !

I can't wait for the next book by W.A.Rome

Stay Scared !!

Brian - Dublin, Eire August 13th 2013

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