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Born and raised in Salford by my wonderful parents Allan and Lorraine, I would often write stories as a youngster, encouraged to develop my skills of the written word and to submit to my imagination. It was as I entered my eighth year that I began to develop a strange obsession with the world of horror. My first introduction, a strangely seductive glossy poster of Freddy Krueger, which, to the angst of my mum, was quickly discouraged and told I would have nightmares until 21; she was most definitely right.

A year later I was visiting a friend and an off the cuff suggestion that we should watch "The Lost Boys" brought the world of horror colliding into my innocent existence. Things would never be the same again. From then on I would devour every horror movie I could get my hands on; not an easy task you must understand for a nine year old with no means to see such wonders, but for an old Grundig black and white portable television that took pride of place in my bedroom. I distinctly remember peering through my dad's fingers as he strained to stop me viewing a scene from The Curse of the Mummy's tomb one Christmas. Not to worry though, once I was in bed I knew there was only an hour or so to wait until Rear Window commenced. Those early years saw my horror experiences expanding, such movies as The Swarm, The Birds and even Fright Night were on my list of faves.

The films were closely followed by my yearning for Ghost stories and horror literature. Charles Dickens, Roald Dahl, MR James and Poe were the first and before I knew it, I was enveloped in a world of Stephen King, Clive Barker and Richard Laymon. Now, at the grand old age of thirty two, I can proudly say that horror movies continue to be one of the most important and loved things in my life. Along with my family, girlfriend, pet dog Morrison (named after Jim), Manchester United and of course Rock and Heavy Metal I dont think there is anything in the world I love more.