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A Scary Story Released to the Masses!

And so, we begin again... It has been some time since I last blogged. I attempted and do have a blog that I used on a couple of occasions, but it just did not feel quite right; my 'Medium' blog is by no means a cast off; it's merely a case of being away from my own website, which I found disconcerting.

So, where the hell have I been? I have been around. Watching... Seriously, without making too much fuss, the Wix folks seemingly removed my ability to blog and in doing so, lost the entire previous blogs which included detailed descriptions, photographs, case-studies, and investigations of the paranormal variety. Anyone who was following me around 2013-15 (YES - that long ago!) will potentially recall one or two of the blogs of which I am of course referencing. We had visits to the holiday home of lead Satanist, and black-bible contributor, Aleister Crowley. Included were my experiences such as the experiment with a table and the reaction that the spirit world appeared to give, when I happened to mention one of Crowley's favourite hobbies, Cophrophagia.

There were numerous overnight stays at the now infamous 30 East Drive where we managed to capture one or two amazing images of a 'man in black' - quite possibly the famous Monk of Pontefract? The visit to Drakelow tunnel's where I managed to capture an image of a spirit walking through the tunnels (I was offered decent money for this but it remains under lock and key!). The Pendle Hill experiments... One of my favourite places to visit when conducting paranormal experiments... How could I forget the amazing trip to Newsham Orphanage? One of the most haunted places I have ever had the fortune to visit, and of course, there were quite a few more. Needless to say, after going through these last couple of Pandemic years and lockdown, our ghost-hunting exploits have been few and far between. In-fact, they have been non-existent! This will of course change, and I am already planning some amazing trips for next year. Watch this space folks, I will endeavour to keep my blog current and feel free to follow and comment as you wish. It is always good to hear from you good people.

On a final note in relation to the Paranormal Investigation's that I conduct with my team, I do have a very special something that I have yet to post any report on. It is a pre-lockdown investigation, which brought some amazing results and I will be releasing the full report and photographs on this very blog on Hallows Eve as a special treat!! Believe me, it was a cracker! Additionally, when I get a chance, I will also upload some of my personal favourite photo's from the past investigations, seeing as though Wix has deleted all of my previous reports! Tsssk!!

As aforementioned, it has been some seven years since I last blogged directly from my website. Since then I have moved house, changed cars, and got engaged to the lovely Niki -who - by the way, is not only an amazing artist, you simply must check out her glass (Niki is a glass-blower) and has travelled through Seattle, Prague, and even Zanzibar in pursuit of new skills and experiences. Her glass is very special and akin to the written word for me, something she holds dear. She also is a painter and jewellery maker (again, she has been creating an amazing line of Halloween themed jewellery which is simply stunning). We are due to be married around Halloween 2022 - the 29th October if truth be told, but nevertheless, as close as we could arrange...

How the heck is that trusty Greyhound? I am delighted to say that Morrison is still an important part of the family. At over seventeen years of age it is true that his legs are maybe not quite what they were, but he still manages to cause as much chaos as he possibly can and we would not have it any other way!

My DVD and Blu-Ray Collection (and CD and vinyl for that matter) have continued to swell, nearing the fifteen thousand mark these days. It is a heavy burden...

What about the books? Ah! Of course... Well, with work commitments, my love of photography, of which I have a few prints (I will attempt to create a special section on my site where you can pass comment and if inclined, maybe even purchase) and general business... (sometimes life just appears to get in the way) I had to pause the writing for a couple of years or so. Needless to say, writing will always be a love of mine, and although the second of the 'Hell's Overspill Trilogy' books, "Scab" remains on hiatus, it will be concluded, albeit there is no current timeframe for this. However, I did release a short story which received favourable feedback last Christmas. This was a modern tale, a short story of the Norway anti-Santa: The Gryla. It remains available currently (check my website for details "13 Days before Christmas: A Modern Tale of the Gryla") and will remain on sale until January 2022. It will then be taken off the shelves and re-packaged along with a couple of other short stories I have created or currently working on. I am in talks with some Publishers as we speak, but I can say no more than that.

Finally, as this blog is becoming insanely long... my new short story was released to the masses on 1st October. It is to share my love of Halloween and is titled simply: "Scary Story: A Halloween Tale". Another short story; this is the first time I have returned to my adorable Edison County (since my second book "The Field") and sales have been decent so far. Again, this short is available until January 2022. See my website for a direct link.

Tomorrow I will tell you all about the Oil paint images I created over lockdown; an ode to the DPP video-nasty list... Those crazy old 80's!

Thanks for reading, apologies for the length of the blog (and length of time since we last chatted). See you all tomorrow.

Stay Scared


@warrenrome (Twitter)

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