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Warren Rome

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Wow! What a day!

Talk about up and down.  After watching my team play rather average football and win, I headed for my parents home as they wanted to show off their new fireplace.  It was a lunch time kick off, so I reached my folks not longer after three.  Upon reaching my destination, I received a text from my partner, Holly.  It informed me that one of large cd towers had decided to collapse.  Wonderful!  As some of you know, I own a large collection of cd's and so, one of these towers alone contained over four hundred of the blighters.  When one owns anything in large quantities, it is often useful to organise the collection appropriately in order to able to decipher and locate specific items in the future.  This meant arranging them once more in alphabetical order!  Two hours later, it was done.  


I sat back and attempted to relax with a bit of television and realised that the cd tower had somehow dislodged the aerial cable in the earlier collapse.  This meant unscrewing the box from the wall and sorting the wiring inside, not before disassembling a further three cd towers and then re-assembling them (and cd's) once the re-wiring was complete.  What a way to spend a Saturday afternoon!


Other than that, I enjoyed a wonderful interview with Jason L. McPherson, a fellow author and horror fan.  Check it out on the link below:



I am off now for a long relax and a touch of Hitchcock (not literally).  Rear Window, methinks.

Stay Scared




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