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Where have I been? It's a long story...

Good day to you all,


It has been quite some time.  Nine months in-fact since I last ventured onto my blog and for that I apologise.  It has been a slightly crazy few months (if you hark back to my last blog, way back to 2014 - Halloween) you will note that I mention in passing my having a few issues personally.  Well, since then, I have had issues professionally too!  Unfortunately, unbeknowst to me, Spore Press were moribund and early this year were finally officially deceased meaning that I needed to negotiate and recover Glory Hole before sending it out to be signed by a different publisher. To make matters worse, my second novel, "The Field" which is part one of a trilogy I have named 'The Hell's Overspill Trilogy' would also have to be sent out too.  Normally, this would not be an issue, but, due to it's size (it is a huge novel which stands at over a hundred pages larger than Glory Hole) and the fact it is part of a trilogy, this has made the process sluggish and to be quite frank, a nightmare.


I am happy to tell you that this is now almost resolved.  Glory Hole (with slightly differing artwork) has been re-signed and is back on the shelves once more.  The Field will be out in due course.  Whilst I am on the subject, as a special thank you to all of the people that have been following me and requesting updates, I will be uploading the first chapter of 'The Field' absolutely *FREE* and for those who have not yet devoured Glory Hole, I will be offering this as a download, absolutely *FREE* in just a few weeks time for a limited period.  I will of course advise via the usual outlets in due course.


On a different note, I will be adding a new side project to my blog which will cover another of my passion's...  Movies.  I will be reviewing films regularly on here starting with 'Cobain - A Montage of Heck' which I viewed on my usual 'Thursday Cinema Night' showing and let me just say right now, it was a treat., touching, uncomfortable viewing and rivetting all rolled up into one large grunge-ball.


Finally, I would like to give a small shout to my 'significant other' Niki.  I will be adding a link to her website in due course; check it out and observe her amazing glass work.  I find it truly inspiring and i am sure you will too.


Have a great weekend one and all.


Stay Scared


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