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The weekend is almost upon us

As I sit nibbling my buttered toast, I wondered what the day would bring?  I check through my emails, noting some of the kind remarks and comments regarding yesterday's Au-Thursday, featuring JC Martin.  People are really responding to this little feature, and with the authors I have lined up, it can only become bigger and bigger.  I am really pleased I decided to do this, and look forward to next week's edition with Linda Butler, author of the quite brilliant Anti-Sentient (an instant Zombie classic).  More on this however, next week.


I continue to scan through the emails, hastily removing the Spam and numerous Facebook group messages.  I wonder if before the internet was invented, authors received this amount of advertisements, and if so, did their postman continually need time off with a damaged hernia, or curvature of the spine?  I notice a couple of messages from people who have purchased my debut novel Glory Hole.  Thank you, guys, you know who you are.  More wonderful comments and requests for updates as to when my second novel will be appearing.  So, I decided, rather than keep sending emails regarding the same subject, I would put a little update on my blog.


The Field is very close to the conclusion of the second draft.  I would say it is two chapters from completion and then I will need to grab my small team together and begin the reading process.  This basically involves us sitting around my living room whilst I read out loud the entire book - editing and highlighting the text along the way.  Once this is completed, I re-read it alone and edit as I see fit.  The final stage will be a final reading and editing session, and a final re-read (usually with a very VERY large mug of tea) before finally being submitted to my publisher for final review.  I estimate that it will be in the hands of Spore Press by Halloween.  I will of course, keep you all posted.


Have a great weekend everyone,

Until the next time,

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