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This movie will have you in "Stitches"...





My Thursday Cinema night was the first showing of the movie “Stitches”.  This British film went under the radar for some, but appeared to have received glowing reviews so arrived with a decent reputation.  I was unsure what to expect, and to be fair, judging by the cover, I could not decipher if it was to be a comedy or a horror/comedy.  As it turned out, it was the latter and I thoroughly enjoyed it!


Ross Noble plays ‘Stitches’ who is brutally killed accidentally within the first ten minutes at a children’s birthday party.  Noble (better known for his stand-up comedy) plays the role superbly.  This is not a movie that one is to take seriously, yes there are certain ambiguities (the children aged 8-10 at the aforementioned birthday bash are English) yet six years on, have suddenly developed Irish accents, but for me this just added to the humour and charm.


The gross-out scenes for me personally, are what really hammered this movie home.  Some of the best kills I have seen this year were blazing and depicted in full glory on the screen.  Watch a guy have his head blown up by bicycle pump only to reach its limit and explode like an overblown balloon.  There are decapitations galore (note the male genitalia savagely ripped from a student’s groin in class).  The humour is spot on, with Stitches spouting lines Schwarzenegger would have been proud of in his heyday. 


I will definitely view this one again, even if it is when I have a group of friends around, for it is well paced, hilarious in parts and gross in others: Perfect.  Nothing new here but as I am sure most horror fans would agree, if it is done well, it is worth watching.  Stitches was done excellently.  If you want blood, laughs, gore and more blood, vote “Stitches”.   The Blu-ray boasts some decent extra’s which at the time of writing I am yet to view.


A decent offering, well worthy of any horror connoisseur’s collection.

Rating: 7/10 *******

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsvuQVo6uxI

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