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Warren Rome

Author of the Macabre

The Murders begin - August 9th!! Glory Hole Release date - August 9th - There will be blood - lots of it...

Well - it is here!  Or it is almost here, should I say?  The wait is almost over.  The blood is ready to flow.  The darkness is about to descend upon Manchester and its surrounding areas.  The body count will rise in Texas and why?  Because my first novel - Glory Hole, is about to arrive, slam dunk and full of spunk into our world, and there aint no tellin' what is gonna happen! 

Like a jackhammer to a Victoria sponge, it is going to tear shit up...

There are six days to go until the release.  I will be blogging incessantly, a couple of giveaways and a whole lotta' build up before Friday.  For now, check out the cover art.  Spore Press have done an insanely wonderful job on it and they already have a whole range of awesome books available.  Check them out at www.sporepress.com  Additionally, give them a 'Like' on the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SporePress

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Stay Scared





Glory Hole - released August 9th from Spore Press


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