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I will not spend too much time going into the qualities of this immense film.  Not only is it a cult classic, it should actually just be referred to as simply 'a classic'.  It has a soundtrack to die for and manages to maintain the 80's horror feel without falling into 'too cheesy to take seriously' category.


The first time I watched 'The Lost Boys' I was seven years old.  I remember that day clearly even now.  I don't think I realised (despite at the time watching with awe at my first 'real' horror movie) how much I would end up adoring this movie.  Despite watching it over thirty times it has lost none of it's charm and despite the senseless sequels released fairly recently, the Lost Boys maintains its qualities and still stands as one of the best vampire movies out there.


Boasting a considerable cast, good effects for the time, the aforementioned killer soundtrack, and an enviable mixture of humour and horror, punctuated with witty one liners from the likes of Corey Haim, Corey Feldman and Kiefer Sutherland, if you have not seen this movie then please, hang your head in shame.


When a down on her luck mother decides to move across country and house share with her eccentric father, she arrives with her two children, Michael and Sam, much to their dismay.  'You know what no TV means?  It means no MTV!"  Their initial trepidation is only further enhanced when Sam runs into the strange siblings 'The Frog Brothers' who run a large comic store in town.  The Frog Brothers encourage Sam to begin reading comics of a darker nature 'Read this, it could save your life'.  With much amusement Sam ignores the strange store owners and mocks their warnings.  The feel of threat builds as the viewer first encounters the young biker gang headed by Sutherland (David).  With Michael's attraction to the young female Starr growing, David uses this to his advantage and before long, Michael is initiated into the gang.  Little does he know however that to join the biker gang will bring with it such dire consequences.  The small North California town it seems, is riddled with vampires.  As Sam and his new comic-book store friends engage in battle to save his brother and rid the town of the growing death-rate and vampire problems.


If you have not seen 'The Lost Boys' you should.  Do it today.  This movie IS a classic.

A full and deserved 10/10 **********


Trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WlON7r0m7E








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