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The Loss Of A Dear Friend

On Sunday 17th November at around 4:30pm GMT one of my best friends passed away aged just 29 years young.   It was not only a shock but a terrific hammer blow to the heart.  I first met Kelvin Kenney when he was just out of school and he joined my workplace and ended up working alongside me for around seven years.  He was one of the sweetest, poilte and genuine guys i have ever met.  It is hard to comprehend how something like this could happen to such a gentle soul and I know that quite often when folks pass away, the people they leave behind will refer to them with fondness - and rightly so! 



With my friend, every comment regarding his wonderful attitude to life and his friends are true.  His early teenage years he spent looking after his terminally ill brother, rejecting the opportunity to go out with friends doing the 'normal teenage stuff'.  Within three years of him enjoying life and going out socially, he was diagnosed with epilipsy.  When good luck was dished out, Kelvin Kenney was closer to the end of the line I suspect.  Yet he never complained and everyone always commented 'what a happy chappy' he was.  I have so many fond memories however, which I will forever treasure - thanks Kel, you are a true star.



It is Friday now, and I am managing to control my tears a little better.  This is why I am writing this blog. I have attached a couple of old pictures.

RIP Kelvin, my dear friend.  Save a place for me at the table - next to Jim Morrison, if you can?

Have a lovely weekend one and all - look out for each other.

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