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The Dinosaur Project


What began as an exciting premise rapidly dropped into something quite ridiculous.  As an avid fan of ALL horror, I can accept and even expect at times god-awful acting.  In "The Dinosaur Project" I am not sure if any could particularly act.  The father of the main character in the film however, gives a truly terrifying performance.  If that is acting, well, let's just say that times have changed since Brando.


The concept of the story was good and even the CGI was not the worst I have seen.  I feel there could and should have been plenty more dinosaurs for the viewer to enjoy.  Instead we were left with a poorly acted, disappointing mess!  As an avid fan (like many boys) growing up of dinosaurs (well before Michael Crighton published 'Jurassic Park') I was really looking forward to this one.  With quotes championing the movie emblazoned on its cover 'The best dino film since Jurassic Park' and such, the build up was far too much for this cheap and nasty bore-fest.  There were too few dinosaurs in the movie for my liking, the hand held camera style movie is past its best.  This style not only made the film look cheap but made the viewer dizzy when anything appeared about to happen.


All in all, I would leave this well alone - even if you are truly a dinosaur enthusiast, there are much better 'Dino-movies' out there.


Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kYXf4mJ4hw


All in all, I will give this a generous 4/10 ****

Stay scared






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