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TRAILER : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-WJuc5C2Uo




This stinker of a movie is so bad I urge you not to watch it.  Sometimes you find movies that are so bad you have to 'recommend' them to friends - just to either share in the hilarity of the wooden over-acting, or the ridiculous situations the characters find themselves in.  This movie however, does not come into this category.


My first issue is the title of the movie: "The Dangerous Mind Of A Hooligan" suggests another of the many football violence movies that have been released; as a fan of some of these films, I purchased this with a fair understanding of what to expect.  Well, aside from one - yes ONE scene, where one of the characters runs away from a bar that is full of football fans, there is absolutely no connection to football in this film.  Despite this, they have given the movie a cover that again indicates it to be a film that it plainly isn't.  False advertising this certainly is.


The story is about five 'hooligans' who rob a bank and basically we are shown flashbacks throughout the movie of how it all transpired, why they were chosen and some of their background.  These guys talk the talk apparently but with so many better movies of this nature out there already, I am struggling to find anything redeeming about this feature.  They are followed by a dodgy violent detective who appears to nonsensically know about their every move and thus appears not long after they show up at their next location.


All in all, this film is a farce.



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