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Friday 13th At Guys Cliffe House - Our most recent paranormal investigation uncovered... (Part Three)



Inside the haunted chapel



The next experiment we decided to complete was in the old chapel.  We decided to try some table-tipping initially, before attempting communication via a glass on the same table (not dissimilar in principle to a witchboard).  It took at least ten minutes for anything to occur but when it did it would prove to be the most impressive outcome of the evening.  The medium that was present began the questioning but stood well away from the table, leaving my team of four to surround each edge of the table.  It became apparent that a person named ‘Roy’ wanted to communicate with us.  Adding extra spice to the peculiar paranormal platter of panic, our medium confirmed that ‘Roy’ was a regular on her séances and had once been a member of a paranormal group before he unfortunately passed at the grand age of eighty.  Having knowledge of the spirit’s background on a personal level gave us a great insight and made selecting appropriate questions to ask easy, and our medium directed us to talk of cricket and beer.  The table tipped and moved erratically, before moving towards me with some gusto.  Questioning ‘Roy’ if he felt a connection to any particular member of the group, it appeared he felt an empathy with this very author, and quite touched by the kindly gentleman’s apparent warmth towards me, I was sorry when he left and the table became as it should be – lifeless.


Moments passed and my disappointment at Roy’s leaving soon dissipated as another spirit entered the atmosphere.  This was indeed the one we (and the entire group) had been waiting for – none other than Aleister Crowley.  I won’t go into his background but have attached a link giving some general background details on this colourful character from the past: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleister_Crowley)



Aleister Crowley



Crowley, like Roy, appeared to be interested in me – much to the group’s amusement.  Having read varying amounts of literature on Aleister Crowley over the years, I had an idea of the type of question that would garner a reaction.  Questioning him on his apparent rise to cult icon among certain groups to feed a character famous for his ego, the table moved so much so, that I had to pull myself from under it.  Crowley it is reported, was attracted to males, females, males dressed as females, and the list goes on.  He was, shall we say, a colourful individual.  I questioned him on the reported copraphiliac tendencies which caused the table to bolt alarmingly (later when using the glass as a planchette and broaching the same subject, caused the glass to circle the table excitedly).  It seemed we had hit the spot with Crowley and the atmosphere turned to laughter (not on my part I hastily admit) when Crowley divulged that he would quite like to see me wearing a dress!  This was not a part of the agenda for the evening I am elated to say (although my team were rather disappointed at my non-conformist approach to the suggestion).



Note the strange 'mist' that appeared on this photo of the old chapel



Due to the energy and reactions displayed to our questioning we attempted table-tipping with us all stood away from the table.  The light of the EMF meter the sole luminosity in the ground surroundings.  How could it be however that when questioning Crowley, he could display his power by lifting the table (indicated by that very light of the EMF Meter) without the aid of a human hand?  This was an amazing sight to behold, and I simply cannot give a rational explanation for how that table lifted into the air of its own accord.  We tried in addition to communicate via a torch and although it flashed in response to our questioning, nothing could come close to the awe at viewing that table move of its own will.  Simply amazing.


After another break and excitedly informing the rest of our group of the amazing experience we had just encountered, we ventured out to one of the caves that housed an ancient coffin-like container that once protected an ancient relic, protected by the Knights Templar.  This was a great piece of history and we were very excited at the prospect of a séance around this ancient artefact.  Our medium confirmed that a spirit remained connected to this ‘coffin’ and would remain so forevermore.  His job in life was to protect the ancient relic and even in death it appeared he was sticking to his task.  What the relic actually was is negligible but is certainly something I will endeavour to research.



The ancient 'coffin' that housed the relic protected to this day by the Knights Templar



Further experiments with an ovilus, motion detector, and shadow machine were interesting and some proved more fruitful than others.  The spirit box gave mixed results.  A spirit came through and appeared to be an old bare-knuckle boxer who had apparently lost the sight in his eye due to his battles.  He was quite animated initially, with the motion detectors and K2’s alerting us to his presence on more than one occasion before suddenly departing, leaving the sound of white noise to reverberate around the cold musky corridors.



Entrance to the cellar



I have not had enough time to check all of my recorded footage, although some strange sounds have already been discovered on my DVR which I hope to upload to my blog in the near future.  The camcorder footage has also to be explored and again, should anything significant materialise, you will be the first to know.


Until the next time, stay scared folks!









Property from the rear


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