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Friday 13th At Guys Cliffe House - Our most recent paranormal investigation uncovered... (Part Two)



Side on View of the great place



Back at the base, we enjoyed another hot cup of tea before we would venture out around the back of the property to the caves and one of the many cellars.  These huge ‘rooms’ were dark, damp and dingy.  The blackness of the area was lit up by the sole green light of our K2 EMF meter.  With our medium in tow, it was no surprise when the EMF Meter indicated a presence.  Our medium had already alerted us to the fact that they were experiencing visions of Parakeets and Marmoset monkeys that had not been particularly treated well.  These visions were of many, many, years ago yet they appeared so vivid to our medium and with the K2 indicating a presence (there was no electrical wiring and no magnetic field present in this area) it appeared that something was indeed occurring.  Brian checked the temperature in the far corner and pointed the digital laser thermometer in the area the medium expressed their displeasure at the sight of the mistreated animals (this was located at the high point of the wall near the ceiling).  Alarmingly the temperature indicated a jump of over twenty degrees.  Again, this was hard to explain away, particularly as five minutes later, the temperature returned to normal – with no change whatsoever from floor to ceiling.  We dodged a few adventurous frogs who were trying hard to return to the lake as two dozen unwelcome feet trudged back towards the main building.



The view from the top of the hill (the other side was the suicide tree)




Entrance to one of the caves



After a shot break, we would investigate the old haunted chapel.  This part of the building had been kept immaculate and housed many valuable paintings, artefacts and religious treasures.  It was furnished with chairs and pews from varying ages – notably Tudor and Victorian.  There were stories of angered spirits of the masons, disgruntled by the sight of females wandering through the rooms and halls that had once been only enjoyed by the masculine Masonic circles and Knights Templar before them.  We began our investigation in the boardroom where we would attempt contact via a medium and a witchboard.  I would not describe myself as overly-familiar with witchboard’s in general, but I have nevertheless used them on a good few occasions.  I must declare that this was the most impressive experiment so far.  Noting the planchette reacting to the questions my team asked, it was still a shock when I saw – for a split second I might add, the star move without aid or anyone’s finger touching it.  Never before have I encountered this, and I am still perplexed and in awe at what I witnessed at midnight on June 13th 2014.  Other members of the group witnessed activity directed at them individually.  Holly had her chair grabbed from behind by unseen child-like hands and the entity appeared attracted to Louise and confirmed this via the Ouija board.



The regeneration begins...

Part 3 has already been uploaded... 





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