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After the devastating reaction to Boxing Helena, it was understandable to imagine Jennifer Lynch being somewhat nervous upon the release of "Surveillance'.  However, there was little need for such trepidation if that be the case.  Surveillance is a superbly crafted Indie gem that although seemingly has disappeared under the radar for many, has been welcomed warmly by fans of her father and producer of 'Surveillance', David Lynch.


Within the opening moments it is hard not to smile at the screen as it portrays broken America and the horrific slaughter of an innocent.  It is not that one is twisted enough to smile at the macabre offerings, it is simply because it evokes memories of many of her fathers earlier efforts on the big screen.  The movie consists of three stories all wrapped together and presented by the surviving witnesses of the graphic and brutal murders that have taken place on that lonely deserted highway.  The police are depicted as nasty and despicable characters throughout and this aids the feeling of suffocating despair as the movie builds.  I do not  want to give away too much relating the plot so will avoid describing in any detail what transpires but there are a few twists along the way.  I know some have suggested that Bill Pullman overacts in this movie but I personally thought he played it brilliantly.  The final scenes are brutal and unsettling and the ending (despite the offer of an alternative option on the extra's)played out perfectly.


It may not be a classic but it certainly helps pass a couple of hours and I would recommend.  A worthy 7/10 *******

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