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Warren Rome

Author of the Macabre

Paranormal Investigation Happening Finally... Tomorrow

As long as the weather is not a repeat of the sodden weekend we recently trudged through, my team will be out, ghost hunting tomorrow.  We will be tracking down the homes of two head witches, Alice Nutter and Elizabeth Demdike and the area where there coven of nine were hung until dead.

We are planning on a Ouija board experiment, EMF meter tests, dowsing rods and handheld vigils.  After visiting this location last year and encountering numerous equipment failure's, orbs and being chased by angry dogs, we know this investigation will be a challenge.

I will be posting footage and photographs over the weekend so be sure to keep checking this blog for regular updates.

Other than that, I continue pushing my debut novel Glory Hole and it is seemingly doing the trick.  With further excellent reviews and great feedback, I have to say, I have been blown away by the wonderful messages.  Thank you all, so much!

Until tomorrow my friends,

Stay Scared,



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