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Paranormal Activity On A Most Haunted Night In Newsham Orphanage (Part 5)

We were categorised into groups as the entire group number totalled around the thirty mark.  The four of us and two other of the remaining group were placed into a team and were lead by a clairvoyant medium who take us to the nurses quarters.  The walk was not an easy one as the smell of damp and dirt encapsulated the very foundations of the place.  Some of the rooms had not been opened in over forty years and the smells and aura that greeted us only added to the atmosphere as we made our way into the heart of one of the 'smaller' buildings.  There were discarded wheelchair's, chairs, tables, broken furniture and all matter of debris - large and small, to be navigated carefully as we trudged to the room where our investigation would begin.

The room was dark, dank and dismal.  A depressing reminder of the derelict cavern of chaos we would invoke in a matter of moments.  This sepulchre of the nurses - long abandoned and forgotten would create memories for our little group that will long live on. 

The first experiment would be a table tipping investigation using none other than a table on wheels which was used to carry the deceased.  There were two of these to choose from so we wheeled the notably heavy, dusty, old table into the centre of the room.  The medium stood to one side and our group of six positioned ourselves around the table in order to begin the séance.  I watched before the torch lights were switched off and we were shrouded in darkness, how the group touched the table with the tips of our fingers and awaited the mediums instructions.  It must be noted that this table was heavy and not as mobile as it would have been in its prime.  In order for us to move it, we had to give a sure push which would take notable effort - even in pure darkness, such was our positioning - close to one another around all corners of the table.  As the medium spoke, an eerie silence fell over us all and...  Nothing.  The medium began to question if there was indeed, any one there?  If perhaps a nurse was present as he felt there was something, or someone approaching.

"I am getting a nurse and it is a positive energy - one of joy and yes, she loved working here.  This is where she visits..."

As the medium continued his questioning he urged the nurse to move the table. 

"Using the energies of the group, can you please move the table?  We are here in all respect of you.  We would like to say hello and spend a little time here with you, if that is OK?"

The initial feeling is very hard to explain.  It is not of a strong motion, more of a slight tremor - a tremble in-fact, but I felt something below my fingertips and it is was the slightest of movements.  I was not the only one as Brian confirmed he too, felt something.  Within minutes we would have the table turning full circle.  In order for this to have occurred by the human hand would have taken effort.  It would have been noticeable to one of the team.  We trust one another implicitly and we not only do not have time or patience for timewasting tomfoolery in this situation, but we are not in the habit of spending money and our Saturday night's in environments such as this, only to joke or to embellish the facts.  The other two members of the team were strangers, admittedly.  I, however, was stood next to the female and Holly next to the other person who had joined our group and we both would have been able to identify the difference in motion and energy used to move the table, if we were to suspect any human intervention.  The motion and circling of the table too, indicated the cause of this disturbance to be somewhat unexplainable.  Unfortunately amidst all of the commotion, the table hit a rut in the floor where one of the many tiles had come loose.  The table lodged and such was the strength of force behind it, it looped and tilted in the air at an angle.  It held this motion for over twenty seconds before releasing and we helped it to the floor.  The only word to describe this event for me personally, was - remarkable.  We ended the session with applause and thanks to "Wendy".  Interestingly, a group later in the evening heard tapping and a loud knock from inside of the moving table.  This was checked but of course, no one was there.




One of the many discarded wheelchair's






The old 'bed' on wheels that turned miraculously full circle when in contact with the deceased nurse, "Wendy"





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