Warren Rome

Warren Rome

Author of the Macabre

Paranormal Activity On A Most Haunted Night In Newsham Orphanage (Part 13)



Brian investigating the crude scrawls




One of the many rooms at the rear of the building


I have dozens more photographs of the evening and I will endeavour to add them to my facebook page when I get the opportunity.  As you can see, this is really one huge blog which I have had to separate to enable my webpage to cope!  Ironically it split consistently into 13 separate blogs (so if you are reading this before looking at the others the night will probably not make much sense).


 It was an incredible night and one I will never forget.  We are currently planning a vigil on Halloween night - possibly in the Drakelow tunnels; wherever we choose, I can only hope it is as eventful as the night of July 13th, 2013.

Stay Scared


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