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Warren Rome

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Paranormal Activity On A Most Haunted Night In Newsham Orphanage (Part 12)



Part of the 'ceiling' in the cinema room


A return to the meeting point had been pre-arranged for 3:15am.  We were not late and entered with cups of tea at the ready.  It was late, we were jaded but we wanted more.  Thankfully the spirits were inclined to agree to our demands and it seems the night had been building to an unforgettable crescendo of terror.  Surprisingly we were informed that the entire group were to go back to the room we had just departed: the cinema room.  This depressing excuse for a room would bring the final hooray and bring the house down - literally.

Ten minutes later and we had all squeezed into the large room which was accommodating numerous amounts of rubbish and chairs.  An extra thirty people would be no problem!  The female medium began to request the presence of the spirits as the male host set up a K2 in the centre of the room.  Torches were turned off and again the blinding blackness of the dark engulfed us.  The moans of thirty bellies grumbling for breakfast cascaded around the place and then - silence.  The medium began to request the presence of the spirits.  My legs ached and my stomach growled but I did not have long to wait.  It was closing in on 4am and the lights of the K2 informed us we had company.

"Have you come to join us?  Perhaps you would like to watch a film with us?  There are plenty of seats - come and join us"

The sounds of footsteps created awe all around.  I was gobsmacked.  If it was not for the fact we had already searched the area only an hour previous and confirmed the floors above to be unsafe and locked off, it may not have had such a profound impact.  This it seems, was not enough.  The male host intervened and goaded the spirits, angering them with his mockery:

"It has been said by other paranormal groups that we should visit this room as a group so they can use our energy as a group.  We think that the spirits know we are leaving and are coming together to take a last look at us, too.  Is this what you are doing?  Are you all here?  This is where the screamers were brought to quieten them...  They say that when they put a film on, they would rock quietly.  That is why they were also referred to as 'Rockers' - weren't you?"

The footsteps increased in quantity and quality.  They boomed and stomped around frantically.  Some occurred where there was no floor and others stomped in all corners and above us simultaneously.  If this was not enough, a strange, shard of light shot down the corridor from where we had walked upon our arrival, creating mass hysteria.  It disappeared as hastily as it had arrived and aside from a group photo, the night was over. 

I must confirm that these are the events true to what I believe I saw and witnessed.  The light at the finale was both unsettling and unexplainable.  We have, as a group, attempted to be as open and honest and tried to discount anything that is obviously caused by something natural.  For example, the light that caused so much excitement and distress in equal measures could have been the security guard (the only person not present for the final mass vigil).  This however must be discounted as when leaving the building, the guard approached from the other side of the complex.  An elderly man who could no more run away from the scene as he could see without torchlight in the dark, debris filled corridors.  If he used a torchlight to alarm the group, why turn it off and risk injury trying to flee the scene?  To do so would be pure folly and we would no doubt have discovered a deceased security guard in the corridor, alerted by the crashing sound of him breaking his neck in his bid for freedom, for the confines of the nurses quarters; yet another victim of the seemingly never-ending list of victims in the annals of Newsham Orphanage.




More unexplained 'lights'.  These orbs were caught on my digital camera in the recesses of the nurse's quarters.




Holly stumbling her way to the Cinema Room


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