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Warren Rome

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Paranormal Activity On A Most Haunted Night In Newsham Orphanage (Part 11)



On the higher floors of the hospital


For the next hour we explored the many other rooms available.  We returned to the old school and ventured deeper into the dark recesses of the place.  Something sinister lurks within those walls and we were all happy to leave that depressing area.  Next we ventured onto the higher floors of the hospital, taking in the ambience of the depressive imprisoned aura of the 'punishment cupboards'.  These Dickensian devices of despair were both harrowing and saddening to all who passed through.  It is hard to imagine the pain and suffering of those poor children so many years ago thrown into these horrendous situations for little reason other than their master's spite.

After hurriedly snapping photo's like a man possessed, I requested a visit to the nurses quarters which we had visited earlier the night before.  Another chance to communicate with Wendy was too good an opportunity to miss.  Sadly after much encouragement, the lack of expertise, energy and patience on our part concluded this chapter somewhat prematurely I feel looking back, particularly after viewing our camcorder footage ( I will reveal this in due course).

We moved onto a large unkempt room which housed a huge projector screen (minus the projector), numerous dusty chairs and a huge amount of debris and lacking a ceiling for large areas of the vicinity.  Searching through the room was an enormous task and at 3am, not one of us had the energy to pursue this too thoroughly.  I suggested a final table tipping experiment, pointing to the unstable table in the centre of the room.  The group agreed and we all gathered around and began asking questions out loud.  Again there was little in the way of activity - certainly that is what we thought until I looked back at the camera footage when I returned home, and was dazzled by the speeding orbs that shot around us like fireflies as we questioned the spirits and beckoned them to communicate.  This footage is stunning and when I get a moment, I will upload it to my website.




This awful room we discovered to be the 'Cinema Room' was a hive of activity.  Note the table in the centre where we attempted a séance and later discovered the dancing lights frolicking to our questions.




Deeper within the cinema room


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