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Paranormal Activity On A Most Haunted Night In Newsham Orphanage (Part 9)



Stairway to the top floor of the old School


For the final group vigil we were to visit the old school.  This building had been used for many things including a temporary hospital for the sick children when struggling through a tuberculosis epidemic.  History indicated that the place was once ruled through fear by the loathsome headmaster, but would he make an appearance tonight?

Again, gathering a circle, the group were introduced to the scientific equipment available for our use.  There was an K3 EMF meter to monitor the environment changes in magnetic fields, K2 EMF readers to measure instantaneous responses to EMF fluctuations and spikes, infrared digital thermometer guns with laser sights, white noise recorders and various other gadgets - all impressive but my personal favourite was the K2.

Our host began by telling us of the happenings earlier:

"The last group was strange because we got very little.  It was strange because the groups earlier encountered quite a lot of activity.  We were in another room and were shocked by the sound of smashing glass coming from this room." 

The entire glass of a 'walk in cupboard' had been smashed and lay glistening like snow on the ground.  Nobody had been around at the time so again it left more questions than answers.  Continuing with the vigil, an old photograph, sepia colour and in poor condition, was placed (having been found in an adjoining room) in the centre of the table.  Our host began his questioning and we awaited some outlandish response.  None was forthcoming.  Fearing that the 'action' had been and gone we were all relieved when the red lights on the K2 flashed, simultaneously corresponding with the high pitched tone of the K3.  We were in business.  I would like to report that glass began crashing all around but alas, the glass cracking spectacular was over for this night.  However with the aid of the digital thermometer we were relieved to acknowledge our senses were not also playing tricks as the feeling behind us (us being my group of friends) was that the room was becoming decidedly warmer.  There were no radiators of heating facilities in the block and the power had been switched off some years ago.  Granted we have been enjoying something of a heat wave in the UK over the last few days, but it did not explain the strange  and quite dramatic fluctuations of heat in the same room.

We continued on.  The night was fading fast and we wanted further evidence.  Our host began to goad the spirit tactlessly and the cracking sound of something hard hitting plastic erupted in the darkness.  The illuminating lights of the K2's and the merciless scream of the K3 confirmed that another paranormal event was occurring.  With a rapid simultaneous switch on of the group of torches, a small stone was noted, having been thrown and pretty much destroying a piece of equipment.  The entity was getting angry.  Again, without being able to establish the room in its entirety in broad daylight, it is hard to deny that the stone could have dropped from the ceiling, been thrown by a member of the group (but Lord know why?), been planted etc.  It was our belief that having noted the excited behaviour of the equipment coinciding with the appearance of the stone, we could only conclude it to be a supernatural, Poltergeist activity.

With events hotting up, our host invited 'one' lucky member of the group to go deeper into the building for a lone vigil.  This was my opportunity having bragged about the fear factor to friends and colleagues.  I took it without a second thought.  I was handed a K2 by a smiling member of the group and walked, limply to a room a couple of hundred metres to the west of the building.  Walking by torchlight to my expectant doom was no picnic, I can tell you.  With the darkness so pronounced one cannot see anything even if directly in front of your face.  The room I chose was no darker or agreeable than the rest.  I walked towards it and stopped suddenly.  Without question, I distinctly heard footsteps behind me.  Flashing the light behind me in the direction of the intruding noise, I encountered not a soul.  I figured Holly had followed me, supporting her man in his hour of need.  Not this time, Mr.  No way!  So, who had created the noise?  I doubt I will ever know, but I know it was not a member of our group.  They were all enjoying the dulcet sounds of white noise.

I must have been alone in that room for over twenty heart-stopping minutes.  I was not scared.  I wasn't even frightened.  I was fucking petrified.  The lights on my K2 flashed red indicating not one, but a group of spirits had joined me.  I shit you not.  Ok, wise guy - who's the daddy now, Mr scary fucking horror writer!  Well, all I can say is, it was one of the longest twenty minutes of my existence.  It appears the group (Holly not included) had forgotten about me.  Holly, bless her, would flash her torchlight at intervals to check I was still breathing.  Yes, my darling, and very heavily.

The trudging of footsteps confirmed they had finished their vigil in the neighbouring room.  Twenty minutes was enough for my lone vigil,  I was satisfied that I had completed my own personal challenge and I left the room and whoever was in there with me.  Unfortunately however, the spirits appeared to enjoy toying with your author and proceeded to follow me out of the door, as confirmed by my K2 meter.  Joining Holly, Louise and Brian for a smoke and a cup of sweet tea, I walked towards our car.  At this point I was completely unaware of being followed (yet another terrifying thought.  A K2 meter is now on my wishlist although carrying one around at all times may be a problem!) and Brian and Louise were sat in the car whilst Holly stretched her legs outside.  It was then I noticed those darned red lights.

"You're fucking kidding me!  Awwww shit!  I knew this would happen - did I not say, this would happen?"

Brian, always the nervous one when it comes to the paranormal, had suggested this 'was the kinda thing that will happen to me if I do one of these paranormal things' it appears could actually be correct.  Spoon at the ready my good friend, whilst you warm the humble pie for me.   I rushed to the host who had loaned us the equipment and he was astonished as were we. 

"It does appear that a group from the other side, may have followed you.  There is no electricity - no cables, nothing here to warrant this reaction".

He was correct.  If I wandered off, it followed.  Hand the K2 to Holly and... nothing.  It was following me.  Then, it was following Brian - right into the car.  Thankfully after a few minutes of this unnerving extraordinary occurrence, it ceased.  It seems the spirits get bored quickly, we are relieved to say, I might add.



The classroom where the glass was smashed.  Note the strange misty substance under the green arrow I have imported.  Some would suggest the possible appearance of a manifestation, others would point to the reflection of a flash bulb.  All I can say is there were a great number of these photographs taken in the exact spot and only this one brought about this 'phenomena'.


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