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Warren Rome

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Paranormal Activity On A Most Haunted Night In Newsham Orphanage (Part 7)

For the first time in the evening we were taken to another level of the complex, the third floor to be precise.  It was here that we ventured into some areas containing what was becoming the 'usual debris' but it also contained items from the past.  Old sewing machines for repairing patients gowns as well as headless mannequins and even a Des O' Connor record - extremely frightening to say the least.  After the shock of encountering old Des, we listened intently as the spiritual medium explained the reason for her bringing us to this large and fairly empty room.

"When the team first investigated this place, both I and the other medium you will have been accompanied by earlier this evening were affected by this room.  It is for this reason that I bring you here to experiment."

Thankfully, this was all we were told initially.  We were asked to touch the walls of the room - not the most appealing request but we did so, notwithstanding.  The cold walls throbbed with immorality as she explained the true motive for us entering this terrible place.

"You see the very negative spirit of a tall man wearing a hat - possibly an owner or certainly someone of importance in this place committed the most foulest of acts in this very room - that corner to be precise."

Although we were concealed within the darkness, strangely we all knew exactly where she was intimating the criminal act took place.  I cannot explain it - I guess we can place this as coincidence.

"It was not a 'normal' rape; excuse the term 'normal', but, what I am trying to say is, the man was homosexual and in those times, homosexuality was not as it is now.  It was to remain quiet and not mentioned if one wanted to establish oneself in any form of authority.  It seems that this 'gentleman' took a liking to a female member of staff with short hair and acting upon his compelling homosexual urges, he raped her - sodomising her violently and this went on for some time."

Just as we thought events couldn't become any more sinister, we have anal rape thrown into the equation!  Before we had the opportunity to even attempt to digest these quite horrifying revelations, we were introduced to some new tools of the paranormal.  Having researched all manner of paranormal equipment I was aware of the terms used, but it was enthralling to be able to use and test them for myself.  The first item that really grabbed my attention was the scrying mirror.  This mirror was an object of interest for me personally for some time.  It is believed in certain quarters that if one used this mirror and requests the spirits approach, then the reflection of the face looking back can change to an extent.  So much so, that your own features can take on the appearance of the spirit drawn by your own energy.  Unfortunately in such poor lighting, I tried for several minutes and although I did find my appearance change slightly, I admittedly put this down to tiredness and the effects of staring at anything for any amount of time (particularly in such conditions) was hard to prove or believe anything conclusively.  I discarded the mirror and attempted my next experiment with the wonderful dowsing rods.  This test proved far more successful.

Holly had discovered some activity in the toilet area - a room adjoining the main area the group had originally gathered in.  I joined Holly and I was soon interacting with an unhappy spirit, a patient I deciphered that was European, elderly and again abused it seems in life.  The dowsing rod in my right hand reacted when the entity responded "yes".  It turned towards me, hitting me in the chest each time.  I again measured the temper of the response by the velocity in which the dowsing rod reacted.  To the delight of the medium who had to usher us out of the toilet area such was the interest garnered in conversation with the openly communicative spirit.

Once we were back in the comforts of the group we were encouraged to hold hands in a full circle of thirteen (including the medium).  It was then that the medium revealed that there was a presence behind two of our team members: Brian and Louise.  A tall man wearing a hat stood imposing and with authority behind them.  It was unconfirmed if the medium believed this to be the aforementioned rapist.  Delightfully for Brian and Louise, they appeared to gain more from this vigil than any other members of the group.  The medium commented that she felt the presence of children and rather astonishingly both Louise and Brian felt a tingling sensation on their lower arms, something was pushing up their arms to waist height to alert them to its presence.  I must comment for the aid of those who are not familiar with my friends, Brian and Louse.  They are two of the most genuine and honest people I have ever met and if they say that is what they felt then that is more than enough for me.  Additionally, again, I must remind the reader that Louise is a sceptic so again, this was an extremely interesting event.




The alarmed look of Brian was understandable as a crescendo of bangs ricocheted around the area in a foreboding warning to all visitors




Holly ingratiating herself with the dowsing rods


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