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Paranormal Activity On A Most Haunted Night In Newsham Orphanage (Part 6)

After a much needed cup of tea (and biscuit) we ventured on to the morgue.  This was another out building, yet again rather large and more dismal than any place we had visited earlier.  Having to crawl through the boarded entrance was one thing but entering the darkness and experiencing the vile smell of damp and stale air made the encounter all the more unsettling.  There were again, six of us in total (not including the host) and we were escorted to the main room which housed the old morgue refrigerators, not forgetting the furnace with supplementary ash.  After being thwarted in my attempts to climb into the furnace for a séance of my own, we were all seated as we began to engage in a Ouija board (witchboard) experiment.  From the moment we placed our fingers on the planchette to the moment it concluded, I was hypnotised by its clarity and the specific details that were established.  There were two notable spirits we were engaged with: both patients of the hospital and both died within two years of one another (1978 and 1980 respectively). 

The first lady that came into contact was a Polish immigrant who had a hatred of men - how comforting!  Details of her place of birth, her offspring and the confirmation of her death were fascinating.  I observed closely as the planchette skimmed across the board like a puck on ice.  Finger tips alone would have struggled to reach the letter with such clarity; difficult - yes, but not impossible.  From my point of view (and that of the team) we were left with no doubt that the findings and experiment were genuine.  The host's fingers slipped off the planchette on more than one occasion leaving her out of the equation of possible fraudulent activity.  The two 'strangers' who were not part of my team also lost their way as it shot around the board, again supporting our belief in the genuineness of the experiment.

As we continued into the séance, we questioned her place of death which, unsurprisingly, was confirmed as the hospital and her corpse was disposed of in the furnace adjacent to where we were seated.  Alarmingly, when asked if she had been treated "well" in the hospital, the planchette moved with such velocity that my finger slipped from the wooden pointer.  The dreaded confirmation that the poor old woman had been badly treated was highlighted by the speed in which the planchette directed towards "No".  Unfortunately the response to the patients welfare being met with such a vehement, negative response was not to be unique this evening.  It appeared there was a growing number of wretched souls forever lost in negativity and doomed to wander the place that caused them so much pain in life.  Evidently this anguish was a strong reason to stick around this foul place.  Requesting to know If she were the only spirit present was answered succinctly, and before long we were in contact with one of the lady's offspring.  A female spirit who introduced herself as "Kay".  Kay was also a patient in the hospital and died only two years apart from her mother. 

With time running out before our next investigation in the main hospital wards, we took our opportunity to attempt 'ghost writing'.  A pen was placed in another planchette, designed for the purpose and after initially drawing a great number of circles, I was amazed when I visibly saw the letters (in joined handwriting) spell out the name "Kay".  Again, I can only say that this would have been impossible for someone to interfere and direct the large planchette to spell out anything decipherable to the level of the handwriting we were witnessing, with the mere tip of a finger.  I watched closely and can honestly say  that I could not see any of the six forefingers lightly touching the planchette were putting any pressure whatsoever on the beech wood pointer.

Yet another overwhelmingly successful experiment and we had only just passed the witching hour.  With such a response already, it was hard to imagine how the night could be any more fruitful.  Within a couple of hours however, I would be alone in a haunted headmaster's office - a negative spirit if ever there was one and a spirit that was not to be trifled with.




Chilling...  The morgue refrigerators.  Just how many wretched souls have found themselves piled in this pitiful place?




The furnace (ash included)


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