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Warren Rome

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Paranormal Activity on a Most Haunted Night in Newsham Orphanage (Part 2)

Our group consisted of my partner, Holly, and my best friends, Brian and Louise.  We are all interested in the paranormal but Louise is perhaps the cynic of the group.  As we awaited the grounds to be opened to its pensive guests, we stood and enjoyed the final hooray of the afternoon sun and chatted with a couple of the locals.  A young chap with a cheeky face and an 'exotic' cigarette could not help his intrigue and asked if "were here for the ghosts?" Acknowledging his question with a confirming nod, he and his older, rotund friend joined us and began explaining how the place had become alive over the  previous six months with ghost hunters, just like us.  He explained that he had lived in the area all of his life and his mother used to warn him "not to enter the grounds or the ghosts will get ya!"  We laughed and with a glint in his eyes, he stepped a little closer before taking a large lungful of Morocco's finest, before whispering:

" I know a few lads who went in there and stripped the place of all of its copper!  Years ago a shitload of lads went in there when the mental institution shut.  They went in for the copper - took the lot.  They fuckin' shit themselves though when they were in there.  Said they saw stuff and they were scared alright.  Not of the bizzies (police), but the ghosts.  Last time, I took my boy out at 2am when some of you lot were down here.  We threw eggs against the windows to shit em' up.  just for fun, like.  Make them wonder what the fuckin' noise is... ha-ha-ha.  We won't do it tonight though, you're alright - you's..."

We laughed in the correct places and after rejecting his rather 'generous' offer of a share of his shrinking cigarette, his friend introduced me to the spooky video footage he had filmed on his mobile phone.  Apparently, he knew the security guard and he had been allowed to explore only a week earlier.  Our first glimpse of the morgue confirmed that we would be in for a spooky night; the room on video appeared disturbing and depressing in equal measures.  Little did we know this would be the scene in under two hours where we would partake in a Ouija board experiment and ghost writing with a planchette.

 The gates of Newsham Sanitarium were unlocked finally at 8:00pm and we entered the grounds, bidding farewell to our new "friends".  I will endeavour to import a few photograph's as I see appropriate but it must be noted that as these are accounts of only two days ago, we have had little time or opportunity to review our large catalogue of photography and video recordings.  It may be that over the next few weeks, when all of the evidence has been reviewed, I can upload some further images but this is of course, for another day.  Now back to the matter at hand...






The view of the courtyard: Our first sight as we entered the inner grounds.  Note that even in daylight, the eerie, creepy quality of the place.








Again, the inner workings.  View from a different angle.




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