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Warren Rome

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Paranormal Activity on a Most Haunted Night in Newsham Orphanage (Part One)

As an author of the macabre, paranormal and anything remotely horror, I often encourage my imagination with horror literature - fact and fiction, horror movies of all categories within the genre, and with documentaries of anything remotely "dark".  My current book does indeed contain elements of fact within the story, and it has been a pleasure interviewing individuals who have encountered paranormal and extra-terrestrial phenomena, dabbled in the occult, or who are well-informed character's in their own, secretive circles. 


The blog(s) I write today however, are somewhat different.  It must be understood that I write these accounts with an absolute hand of honesty.  It is not my intention to attempt to sway, convince, or push, uninvited suggestion into the reader's mind.  I write the accounts of the night of July 13, 2013, just as I saw them at the time, and after twenty-four hours to consider them, I can divulge what truly occurred in the vast complex that is Newsham Orphange, Liverpool, on Saturday evening / Sunday morning.


Before I embarked on the journey I remarked to my partner, Holly, that although I would not consider myself a sceptic, in order to truly believe in ghosts and the paranormal, I would have to witness something extraordinary - something unexplainable, and I could then return to my abode "happy".  I admit that I always wanted to believe - but like many, I had to see it for myself.  By Sunday 14th July, upon returning home at 5:30am, I was a believer.


We arrived in Liverpool with an apprehensive, excited energy that was stirred ever increasingly as we turned onto Orphan Road, Newsham.  It was a hot day and as the afternoon retreated into the orange excess of the evening, our vehicle slowed to a halt.  The vast building appeared to look over the landscape with a doomed sense of authority, creating shadows of sinister abandon over what otherwise would have been a perfect setting for an artist to erect his easel and create a portrait of the lake view, surrounded by the luscious park, ducks, and their ducklings and plant-life.  Fathers and sons lazily slouched in their deck-chair's, greedily slurping on soda's and hoping for a tugging sensation on their line, from an equally greedy pike enticed by the delectable treat, silently waiting in the tepid water of Newsham; before the inevitable snap of the jaw of that hungry observer from the darkness below.


We fell out of the car and began unpacking our bags and camera's (ever the organised and professional group that we are).  Initially we could not remove our eyes from the impressive complex that housed over a hundred rooms and a large quantity of outbuildings.  The edifice, aside from a rogue window here and there that winked in the sunlight as we began to walk the perimeter of the surroundings, was boarded up with crude pieces of timber.  This was a most depressing sight for a Grade 2 listed building and once, grand setting.  It was however, perfect for the occasion this evening and would only further add to our apprehension and nervous excitement.  This would have to be considered as we worked through the experiments over the course of the evening.




The Boarded Newsham Hospital





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