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Our Saturday Night on Pendle Hill - Part Two

We decided to set up our equipment in an area closer to the car (for obvious reasons).  We were still in the vicinity of the age-old walk that Alice Nutter would take between the two farms.  It was well past the hour of 1a.m. and were still reeling from the strange sounds we had witnessed on our previous vigil.  Not to be out off by the events, I removed the Ouija board from my bag, and we sat down before I opened the session with the guidance and open call to our spiritual guide's for protection.  We were in an area that would potentially reveal frightening messages and I was not going to take any chances.



Ouija 'fun'


This still from my camcorder footage is a close up of the early stages of the experiment.  Brian is, shall we say, not a fan of the Ouija board.  This works well however, as it means we always have a cameraman.  Brian held the camera and Louise, Holly and I started asking the board if there was anyone present who wished to communicate with us.  For a while it appeared that we were not to be in luck.  Thankfully after some time, the 'planchette' began to move.  It was stutter at first and all I can say (for people who have never taken part in a Ouija board experiment) is that when things begin to happen, you can feel it.  My right index finger was placed on the ghostly pointer and I felt initially, a tingling sensation which followed into a strange feeling of a tentative 'push' under the planchette.  The communication however was muddled.  It appeared that whoever or whatever, was trying to communicate, was not feeling particularly sociable.  It was frustrating to say the least and after an hour - maybe a little longer, we concluded our investigation. 


We will be going back - make no mistake.  This was all the more definite when I reviewed the footage.  I will try (currently having issues with You tube but I will hopefully resolve this very soon) and upload some of the video footage as I did with our investigation at Newsham Orphanage (see blogs of July 14th and onwards for video's and full report).  What can only be described as a strange gasp (Brian has confirmed it was not his voice and besides, the next sound picked up was when I was holding the camera - and I certainly did not produce this strange phenomena).  The next noise was a sinister slamming sound.  It sounded like it was from inside a room due to it's echoing aesthetics.  We were of course in a field in the middle of Pendle Hill so this is very interesting and needs to be explored further.


The next strange occurrence was the red glow that appeared on the planchette.  There were no traffic lights or anything on our person that could cause this.  Again, I just cannot explain it (see photo below)



The strange red glow...


Finally we had orbs shooting past the board - again caught on the camcorder, and I will try and upload them as soon as I can.  I will upload some more photo's on two bonus blog's (if you cannot see them below this blog, click on the arrow for previous post and they will be there)  and I will tweet when I manage to sort the You tube issue.  By 2:30 a.m. we returned to the car and set off for home.  It had been a very interesting and at times, terrifying experience at Pendle Hill.  It is deserved of it's fearsome reputation and I cannot wait to return!


Remember to check out my website tomorrow where I will be hosting a very special and exclusive interview with A.R. Wise, author of the dark and disturbing books 314 and Deadlocked to name just two!  Sales for my novel Glory Hole are seemingly going well and my new novel The Field gets ever closer to completion.  Exciting times indeed!


Until tomorrow night, my friends,

Stay Scared








Welcome to Pendle Hill


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