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Our Saturday Night On Pendle Hill - Part One

It was certainly a strange one on Saturday.  Initially the outlook was good; the weather was holding up, the team were all geared up, then things started to go awry.  The first instance was the realisation that our planchette (that was only recently purchased) had miraculously gone walkabouts.  Not very odd, you say?  I would be inclined to agree only for the fact that we always place the planchette in the same place (ornamental glass bowl on our living room table).  Anyway, we had to hastily find a substitute - first 'disaster' avoided.  After an equipment check and a hot cup of tea, we ventured out to meet the other two member of the group.  Louise - the driver and Brian. 


In good spirits we set off and within minutes the excited chatter of what we could possibly expect began:

"Maybe we will contact Old Demdike and she will tell us where to go!"

 "I reckon there is going to be bad shit going down tonight" and "I have a bad feeling about this" were just a few of the comments noted.  The car began to judder and before we knew it, we had swerved, narrowly avoiding the kerb and potentially writing off our vehicle.  Brian, thankfully, was quick to repair the damage and a changed tyre and with much gesticulating and cussing later, we were back on the road (I did help, it must be noted, as I held the flashlight on the wheel change for almost the entire duration) :-D


We arrived in good spirits and after noting the travellers guide, we set off in search of the pathway which would be found between our two main points of interest for the evening.  The farm owned by the descendants of Alice Nutter and the once, meeting point of the nine witches, all those years ago.  The two farms otherwise known as Tynedale and Lower Well Head Farm respectively, are not particularly easy to find (to the locals delight) unless you know the area.  Having been before, and even in the deathly dark, I am thankful to say, we managed it without too much trouble (even with closed roads and tricky terrain).


This area is visited by so many witch and paranormal enthusiast, the locals often will not speak of the two aforementioned farms and rarely offer guidance on their whereabouts.  To be honest, I can understand why.  It is no fun to have dozens of people traipsing around in search of ghosts and goblins.  In-fact at Halloween it has become such an issue, in recent years the roads surrounding the entire area leading to Pendle, are closed and heavily guarded by police and council employees.  Local residents are given a pass in which they reveal upon entering the area.  Heavy handed, yes, necessary?  Well, one can only guess the amount of debris left around after Halloween and the onslaught of youths looking for an annual scare.  Back to our evening of August 31st however...


Upon reaching the 'path' between the two farms and in complete darkness, we set up our equipment,  The air bristled with expectancy and trepidation and I for one, was unnerved.  It is an incredibly eerie place, unsurprisingly considering its history.  Witches who, according to reports, murdered, maimed and cannibalized were not the most enticing entities to communicate with.  However, we set up the equipment and Brian was first to test the dowsing rods.  Whilst Brian was wandering I set up the camera's leaving Holly and Louise to explore.  I took many random shots (I will attach a few to this blog and through the week - time permitting).  Although the shots taken were inconclusive, I am sure you will agree, one or two contain strange anomalies that need further investigation.


It was getting very late already (around 1a.m.) and as we continued our vigil using the K2 EMF meter and dowsing rods, the strangest occurrence of the evening happened.  Again, it is something I cannot explain so I will just say it.  If I was to say, there were strange flashing lights in the sky occurring intermittently and then followed by a noise - or bang, as loud as a firing range and at such a late hour in the pitch black, I feel you would be inclined to agree with me, it was unsettling.  The truth is, we do not know what caused this.  My camera froze and failed and I was urged by the team to gather my belonging and "get the fuck outta there!".  We were scared - that is the truth.  It would not have been so bad but the noise followed us.  I frightened the animals too as we heard the sound of sheep and other unseen creatures crying and scurrying away.  Still the sound continued to get closer (without the light show now) and it followed us until we left the area.



The heart-sinking feeling as we arrived.  We were not for turning back however...





Brian involved with the dowsing rods





The bleak landscape of Pendle


Be sure to check my blog tomorrow evening (BST) as I conclude my report with more photo's and the full account of our terrifying Ouija board experiment.  Also, see my 'bonus blog' using the 'previous post' icon below, including three more photo's...

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