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My Spanish Trip

After a day and a half of pretty much sleeping, I feel energised enough to create a worthy blog of the fantastic week I enjoyed in the Costa Del Sol - Benamadena near Malaga.  It was week that included many heavy nights on the San Miguel and Rum...  Dolphin watching near Africa, Karaoke, meeting with friends (old and new), good food, shopping, dancing, walking, lounging and reading.


Holly and I visited Gibraltar and enjoyed taking a trip out on the boat on the waters on the outskirts of Tangirs, Morocco.  These guys were awesome!  They chased the boat and dances and flipped their way along.  It was awe inspiring.  Other than this we  enjoyed a walk around the square and a touch of shopping.


Puerto Marina is a beautiful place to eat.  Over the seven days, we ate at a Mexican, Italian, Spanish, American, Chinese (& Thai), Indian and Canadian restaurant.   We met with old friends (Tommo, Julie, Speedy, Mad Terry - thanks for another wonderful adventure) and made new friends (Jordan, Stacey, Vladimir - great to meet you).  We enjoyed wild nights in Rum Runners, Buzby's and Café Ons.  Rest assured, we will return as soon as we can!  Thanks everyone for making it an unforgettable holiday.


I have just got hold of a few last copies of the artwork from my debut novel.  I will be signing each one and there will be a completion posted on this very blog over the weekend.  The first ten people to send the correct answer will receive one of these and personally signed.  Be sure to keep checking this blog and send the response via the 'contact me' page on my website (See link below)



Until then,

Stay scared






Benalmadena Sunset




Dawn sun rising over the ocean





Dolphins give chase on the African border




Strike a pose there is nothing to it...


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