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Most Haunted Night in Newsham Orphanage / Asylum

Well, as the weather has been remarkably hot for the UK for a week or so now, the pre-arranged trip on Saturday night to Newsham Orphanage could not have been organised for a better time! We will be there from 8pm to 4am exploring as many of the 100+ rooms the vast place (see photo's below) has to offer. Stories of spirits of mental patients groaning and appearing in front of your very eyes, as well as Priest's, children and nun's made this the perfect location for my friends and I to explore. I have already put myself in line for a lone vigil in the morgue and the 'punishment cupboards' room.

Inside the place - Eeeeeek!



We will have full use of numerous pieces of equipment and will be engaging in all manner of experiments: Dowsing Rods and Pendulums, Scrying mirror, singapore experiment, Psychometry, and hand held seances, Table Tipping, Ouija Board, Glass Divination, Automatic Handwriting, K2 meters, New k2 meter with temperature change, New sp7 Spirit box which uses white noise to communicate, Laser Thermometer guns, Supersound Hearing Enhancers, Motion Sensors, Laser grid pens, Shadow meter which detects shadows and anything else we can get our hands on!

There will be spiritual mediums along with us too, all in all, it should be a really exciting evening :-)

Outside the huge building



Other than this exciting event, I have been working flat out onThe Field. I am really happy with how it is turning out and I am closing in on the grand finale currently. I would estimate there is around 40 pages or so until completion so it is very close. The artwork for Glory Hole continues to elude me, however, Keith, the owner of Spore Press - my publisher, has confirmed it is imminent. Spore Press have some really exciting titles (includingGlory Hole) being released as we speak and with publishing houses like Spore Press, the world of horror is in good hands.

The other news is that a trip to Spain later in the year is definitley on! Hopefully can catch up with my friends in Malaga and Benalmadena respectively. The lack of gigs I have been to this year is somewhat disturbing; I am going to have to sort something out very quickly, the way time flies we will be celebrating Christmas and I will have been to no gigs in 2013! This cannot happen - I have not had a year absent of concerts since I was 16.

I will be sure to post any photo's / evidence of Saturday nights events on Monday so check back when you get a chance - you never know, I might catch something really SINISTER! Here's hoping...

The power of Christ compels you.

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