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Just another Manic Monday

As I write this the hour of ten closes in.  It has been a loooooooooooong day.  I have been at work, had a meal with a friend and old work colleague (see you after Halloween, Mark) and now contemplating writing a couple more pages of The Field.  I might just watch another serial killer documentary before I begin...  There is nothing like strict discipline! 


I have been busy attempting to build up my author facebook page as opposed to using my personal account over the last couple of weeks or so.  I know, I know, the thing is, I really am not used to the world of Facebook and Twitter, but I am learning...  Slowly.  Please 'Like' me if you have a moment, the link is below:



I am watching my football team (or Soccer depending where you are from) tomorrow night, and Wednesday I hope to complete the end of the second to last chapter.  It really is that close!


Au-Thursday this week will be with fellow author of Spore Press, the lovely Linda Butler.  Linda has created a zombie classic in Anti-Sentient.  Check it out, I am sure you will agree.  Check it out, exclusive to Au-Thursday on the 19th September.  Link below.


I better check out and get writing!

Until tomorrow,

Stay Scared,






I just had to share this...  Love it!





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