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Warren Rome

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Jack Frost rears his head and the season of Autumn is just around the corner

Well, already the car is sodden when I drag myself from my slumber each morning.  The wet droplets of the fading frost, a precursor to the season of the slippery, leaf-mashed, pavements.   The rain has returned to Manchester too.  I shouldn't complain, it is - after all, a rainy city.  We have had a decent summer - there has been some hot sunny days...  The season of Autumn then, what will it bring?


I have started work once more on my second novel.  This is much darker than Glory Hole and a bit of an epic too.  This is no surprise as I originally intended this book to be a trilogy.  It is though, a part of a trilogy.  I have mentioned this recently in some local newspaper interviews.  I will reveal today to you good folks, the name of each part of the trilogy - never before released, so I guess this is an exclusive.  The first is The Field, the second is to be named Scab and the third, Nine in a line.  I can reveal no more than that, but the magic of my new babies is that you do not have to read them in sequence.  No sir!  They each, individually, can stand alone.  Readers of Glory Hole will already recognise my fictional setting of Edison County.  Well, let me tell you, things have certainly moved on from the era that was Glory Hole and Ivan with his notorious slaughterhouse.  I will reveal more at a later date but The Field is set in the present day, so Edison County has undergone some big changes in the twenty years or so, since Glory Hole.


Other than the completion of my second novel, we will have one of my favourite times of the year...  Halloween.  This year I will be completing my usual 24hr horror movie marathon on the 30th October, as I have something special planned for Hallows Eve of 2013.  A paranormal investigation - 3 miles underground - a location brimming with history - a setting of Satanic value...  Again, keep checking my blog as I will reveal more details as the date approaches, concluding with the usual full report.


Don't forget to check my Au-Thursday page on Thursday as I will be interviewing the fantastic JC Martin, author of the incredibly creepy book "The Doll" and of course, "Oracle".

Until the next time my friends,

Stay Scared




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