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It has been a while but I am still right here...

Greetings One and All...

It has been quite a while, over five months in-fact since I last had the opportunity and desire - not to mention the energy, to blog and I sincerely apologise for that.  Quality as opposed to quantity has always been the prerogative however, and so I will attempt to make this blog a worthy note after such a long delay. 

In order to really detail events that have transpired and reared their ugly unforgiving heads would prove futile as five months is a long time so I will not procrastinate and instead highlight and summarise the nature of some of the thoughts, feelings and occurrences that I have experienced. 

Firstly, may I congratulate the Manchester United board on finally making the correct decision.  David Moyes was always a bad choice.  Let me be honest, I wanted him to succeed.  The idea of a British (particularly a Scottish chap) manager was completely appealing for obvious reason, but from the moment he accepted defeat when 4-0 down at City (he gingerly made a single substitution and disappeared after that) I was ready to sharpen the axe.  I will not go into all of the reasons as there are numerous, but let me just say that the whole experience brought me down - very low, Manchester United is a massive part of my life, from the tender age of 5 right up until now (only a week from my 35th birthday) and this season has been soul destroying.  It is not the losing, it is how you lose.  I am not sure if my season ticket renewal was in peril but let me put it simply, I never EVER thought it would be in question.  Before I move on from the subject of United, I must welcome Louis Van Gaal.  I am sure he will do a brilliant job and keep the players on their toes.  I cannot wait for the new season.

The final edit of my new novel is almost complete.  I must admit it is completely different to Glory Hole.  It is one of the darkest stories I have ever created and I am really excited to see what you guys think.  I will be blogging the latest news as it nears release.  It is a much larger novel than Glory Hole and is part of the trilogy I have named "The Hell's Overspill Trilogy" and I have already begun the process of planning the second part of the trilogy.  Watch this space...

Over the months I have encountered computer problems (graphics card explosions!), decorating fiasco's and a house without electricity!  It has been quite the year so far.  Rather than focus on the negative, I will instead let you in on another passion of mine.  When my partner Holly decided the place needed a spruce up, I decided that as well as a decorating job, my home cinema could benefit from an upgrade.  As a proud owner of around 10,000 movies I have to admit it is certainly a dear love of mine - the wonder of film.  It has taken some time but my new cinema (named Waz Cinema 2) is proving to be a real hit with my friends.  I don't doubt the popcorn machine (and the pending hot dog roller) helps.  I must confirm that I am still undecided whether to add a movie review on my webpage, it is something I took great pleasure in a decade or so ago but with time constraints...  I am not so sure,

Finally, as I believe I have gone on for far too long already, I have another paranormal event organised.  I will blog all of the details as the event draws closer but let me tell you one thing, it promises to be something that may just be the scariest and most interesting place we have visited yet.  I won't give the location away just yet but it will be happening on the only Friday 13th this year...

Until the next time (which I promise will be days, not months)...

Stay Scared


P.S.  A big shout out to Andy Dinnage who has been creating some absolutely stunning photography on abandoned places around the country.  He really is a talented chap. 



A wonderful Invitation only MUFC charity bash I went to with 14 ex-players and legends in Windsor.  This snap was with Lee Martin (I'll never forget that FA Cup winner...)




Paddy - A True Legend



Choccy's humour always a welcome tonic to an evening.



Ray Wilkins, a true gentleman



Clayton still tanned...



Chuckles with Alex


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