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Warren Rome

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House Move, Springsteen & Pearl Jam

Good Evening folks,

Well, Holly, Morrison and I are finally getting settled into our new home which means of course, I can now continue working on my new novel: "The Field".  It is too early to divulge any information on this, but needless to say, it is to be darker than the eyes of the reaper.

Other than this, nothing new to report; I just witnessed England lose another penalty shoot out to Italy in the European Championships; on a more pleasant note, on Wednesday I watched Pearl Jam wow a packed out Manchester arena; Eddie Vedder, I doff my cap.  On Friday I watched Springsteen play to a packed Manchester audience in torrential rain... A Legend...  Over three hours and the sixth time I have had the fortune to see him...  As always he was just...  The BOSS.

The countdown continues towards Glory Hole's release date too...  Eeeeek!  On my next blog I should have some ideas to share with regards to publicity.  It's  late now so I need a little shut eye.

Night all - Stay Scared




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