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Happy New Year

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, full of merriment and joy.  I had a good break and albeit with a cold I am struggling to kick, it has been a cool Yule.  It always goes too darn quick but hey, the speed in which last year went by, it won't be long before the tree will be re-emerging from my dusty old loft!


I received some wonderful presents (the Lament configuration box from Hellraiser - yes, I have tried it and no - so far, nothing has happened; no Cenobites knocking down my doors).  A wonderful book on Dickens nightly escapades around London; a new Utd shirt, Brody Dalle canvass, signed Omen picture, many Cd's and DVD's and plenty more besides.  I hope you all recevied the gifts you desired and if not, I hope you get them in the January Sales! :-)


Aside from Christmas, I have endured a nightmare scenario.  That's right folks, a horror of my own occurred when my laptop decided to expire at the beginning of December!  I was busily typing away as the Field continues to develop when the screen popped and my computer crackled until it whirred no longer.  It was dead.  To my dismay, when contacted the following day by my trust IT friend, I was informed that my hard drive had in-fact corrupted and if I was lucky, the files containing 'The Field' would be saved, I hoped that the files were not saved on the corrupted segments of hard drive and indeed, my luck was in.  The seventy or so pages I could have lost have been recovered and so I will continue this year, with a new laptop (some time soon) and conclude what I believe to be a thrilling and equally disturbing journey into darkness and beyond.


Dinner time awaitis and I cannot wait to delve into my Spanish Chicken and Bacon Pasta dish...


Until the next time folks...


Stay Scared


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