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Warren Rome

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Happy, Happy Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Happy, Happy Halloween, Silver Shamrock!

It's here!  It is finally here!  I will be setting off in just an hour.  The paranormal team will be on the road to Drakelow Tunnels, Kidderminster.  Three miles underground and a maze of dark, damp, dank tunnels... Perfect for this Hallows Eve!  There have been reports of visitors being slapped, their hair being pulled and being pushed around.  Sounds just the ticket!  I will be sure to post a full report over the coming days.  Keep visiting my blog for the whole story.


Tomorrow begins my 24hr horror movie marathon.  Friends visit throughout and we have food and treats and basically chill out for the duration.  A perfect tonic after tonight's investigation.


Must dash, so happy carving, full on trick or treating and turn the volume up on those horror films!

Stay Scared - Happy Halloween one and all!


Enjoy your pumpkin carving,
The trick or treat galore...
But when the witching hour approaches,
Be sure to lock your door.

Turn on all the lights,
Whilst reading Glory Hole
Cosy up beside the fireplace
Take another treat from that Halloween bowl.

And if you hear him coming,
As each page you turn with haste,
Remember to all stay safe tonight
Whilst John Seba remains untraced.








Drakelow Tunnels Halloween Paranormal Investigation 2013


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