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Goodbye Sir Alex and thank you. Welcome David Moyes!

Well, whatta you know, I wait two months to blog and then two come around at once!!  The thing is, there has been so much going on that I have hardly had time to take a poop nevermind write a blog.  I will go into detail (not about pooping, more about what has actually been going on) in my second blog as I want to concentrate my focus on this blog to one thing, one person, a legend...  The soon to be retired, Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United Football Club.  We can all talk about his achievements as they are plain for all to see.  His outstanding ability to construct winning teams playing football the correct way only to break them up and re-start with younger fresher players when needed is unmatched.  I have been lucky enough to have been there from the beginning and in later years with my Stretford End season ticket, have been able to watch closely, week in, week out, the drama unfold; it has been a magical ride.


However, rather than resorting to commenting on regurgitated stories, spewed out to the masses that we hear time and time again, I can proudly say that I was lucky enough to meet and chat with Sir Alex on a few occasions.  The very first time I 'met' him, I was busily grabbing the players (keane aside as he was far too scary for a yong guy to request an autograph) and he stopped and happily signed my shirt.  I remember all those years ago feeling in awe as he stood in front of me, marker in hand.  The second time I had given up my season ticket for a ticket closer to the dugout.  We were winning the game easily and so Fergie began joking with the crowd in earshot.  I was of course, lucky enough to be one of those few.  He joked that we should have been winning by five (he was not wrong of course) but the intimation that the players would be in for an 'amighty bxxlocking' certainly brought about the expected laughter from the stands.  Another time I met him at Carrington.  It was Christmas Eve and it was snowing.  I had been out of work for a few months and finding the money to purchase presents for loved one's - never an enviable task - was made all the more difficult due to my predicament.  I decided at the last minute that if I visited Carrington training ground and spoke with Fergie, I could request he sign a photo with the European Cup and Premiership.  Being a regular visitor of Carrington I never really had an issue entering the grounds.  The usual welcoming voice of the old chap who would be at the barrier entrance greeted me.

"There's no players in today, son"

I responded politely informing him of my intention to catch Fergie.

"I don't think he is here either - being Christmas Eve, they have all taken the day off.  Alex said the players were to rest ready for boxing day"

Having already noted Sir Alex's car doing the rounds as he was leaving the studio of MUTV, I informed the guard of Fergie's presence.  The man seemed perplexed that I knew Fergie's car and seemingly had inside knowledge of his whereabouts.  However, as always, the amiable chap confirmed he would find out for sure on my behalf.  I waited in the snow, freezing and desperate that with only a few hous shopping time left, this was make or break.  A cheery voice warmed the cockles when he confirmed I was indeed correct in my earlier statement:

"He is in.  You're right.  He said for you to go straight in as he has an interview with the BBC imminently"

After thanking the kind gentleman for his efforts, I walked towards one of the larger training pitches (north of this is the area that on youth match days you can grab a cup of tea and talk football with the likes of Paddy Crerand).  There in his black Audi club car was Sir Alex Ferguson, waiting for the interview and also for me!  His window was open and he smiled before asking how I was and taking the photo's from my grasp, preceeded to sign them to my father and one of course, to me.  'Nights in White Satin' was playing on his stereo and after speaking for a few minutes, we wished each other a Merry Christmas before he slowly drove away.  It was only when I arrived home and switched on the television I realised that his interview had been delayed; Fergie had arrived late.  I smiled acknowledging the patience and humility of the man.  He makes time for people and even when as busy as he is on a cold Christmas Eve, has the kindness to sit and wait for a few moments with a fan.  Those few moments made my Christmas and my father was delighted with his gift.

Enjoy your well earned retirement Sir Alex.  There will never be another like him and I am just proud to say I met the man and was lucky enough to enjoy the football he gave us for those 26 years.

12th May 2013 - The Premiership returns home.


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