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Glory Hole: Almost Here!

It has been an exciting week; there has been movement with regards to the release of Glory Hole.  I have seen the second draft of the cover art and I am blown away by it.  The artist has done an excellent job and I am delighted with it so far.  The text has to be completed but we are close - very close.  A tentative release date has been penned and I will confirm the release date as soon as it is 100%.


The Field is close to completion too.  It is my darkest work yet, and I am so excited with how it has shaped and moulded to the horrifying tale of terror I always hoped it would be.   The editing needs to be completed so it is still some way off the final product but the end is almost in sight for the first part of what will be a trilogy.


Aside from worrying about my football team and their lack of transfer activity (at the time of writing we have signed no-one, well, aside from a young full back from Uruguay).  Other than this, I have been busily arranging the itinerary of the groups paranormal investigations.  We are attempting to fit five investigations in this year, including the Halloween night vigil in Drakelow Tunnels, Kidderminster.  Closer to the date, I will write a blog about the history of the place.  One thing is for sure, we do not expect a quiet night - and why would we want one?  On Hallows Eve, of all nights!  The other four investigations will take place before October, (we hope):  Winwick, Astley Hospital grounds, Marbury Park and Pendle Hill - next Saturday evening all being well.


Well, I am going to head off to bed now, it is getting late and with the heat-wave showing no signs of abating, another restless night beckons.


Stay Scared


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