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Friday 13th At Guys Cliffe House - Our most recent paranormal investigation uncovered... (Part One)



Welcome to Guys Cliffe House



The journey to Warwickshire was filled with the usual delays when crossing through Birmingham from Manchester.  With a large bag stuffed to the brim with goodies, one thing was for sure... We would not starve!  But the clock ticked away far too hastily for our liking.  We had not left Greater Manchester and with little sign of the traffic abating, we surely were pushing it to reach our destination at the allotted 8pm arrival time.  Thankfully, our worries were left behind as the roads became clearer and our destination grew ever closer.


We pulled up in the rather ample parking spaces and trudged through the gravelly path whilst making ourselves accustomed to the (although partly dilapidated) rather grand building.   The summer sun was beating down thankfully after the inevitable few raindrops on our journey (which rather dishearteningly threatened the pending investigations on the caves found within the grounds of Guys Cliffe House).  I was busying myself taking a few photograph’s of the building and the land surrounding the property whilst my team (Holly, Brian and Louise) took a look around and gave their legs a much needed stretch after the three hour journey.



The team arrive...



The welcoming voices of our hosts greeted us and we shared stories of past investigations and encounters since our last meeting.  Particularly impressed with my shot of “the blue man” from our Halloween investigation last year in Drakelow Tunnels, I was invited to show the group our findings over an eagerly anticipated cup of tea and a biscuit.  The excited chatter and wholesome laughter would not last long however, as we would soon be getting down to business investigating the secrets that were locked within the confines of the mysterious and eerie Guys Cliffe House.



This place is huge!



It was Friday 13th after all, and we were all geared up for an interesting investigation.  This building boasted hundreds of years of history.  The original cottage dated back to the 800’s and the large house around the 1400’s; this was a true piece of history and we could not wait to enter the dark tunnels and dozens of rooms that the place offered.  Of particular interest to me was the connection that rumour had it, Alistair Crowley (senior member of the Knights Templar), sexual deviant, and leading figure in the dark world of Satanism, was reputed to visit the place in spirit.  The main room that the team would enjoy tea breaks and report our findings was a hall regularly used in the past by the Mason’s.  This Masonic lodge housed portraits of Royalty and leading mason’s, as well as an unsettling facial sculpture housed in a glass box.  I enjoyed my refreshments before removing my camera and camcorder from my backpack: it was time.


Taking a walk to the ‘suicide tree’ may not sound the most enlightening, enjoyable thing to do.  This walk was greeted however with anticipation and excitement.  We walked through the grassy path and amongst the overgrown shrubs and nettles, along the winding trail and up to the highest point.  From here the view was incredible.  Fields as far as the eye could see segregated by a small picturesque lake, that lapped against the grassy path we had tread moments earlier.  We were joined by a medium named Mark, and a local historian who explained that throughout the ages this place had been the scene of many suicides.  The path was reputedly haunted by a white lady who legend has it, had leapt from this hundred foot or so, drop.  The huge tree that bristled in the breeze witnessed the act and dozens more; a sorrowful backdrop to such beautiful surroundings.



The Suicide Tree:  Hundred foot or more drop from where we standing - incredible.



Part Two is on the next blog (already uploaded)







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