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Warren Rome

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Final Edit Completed... Now For the Cover Art!

Good Morning and Happy Monday(s)

As promised on the last blog, the latest on Glory Hole's arrival:


In April I received the manuscript back with several changes in place.  I worked through the entire manuscript (taking a week off to go through it, word by word).  There have, I feel, been some changes which make the story so much stronger.  It is so close now I can taste it.  The manuscript was returned to Spore Press at the beginning of May and I have received notification that I should expect the cover art back over the next few days.  I will of course keep you informed of the progress but it should hopefully not be too much longer before the world is introduced to the darkness of Glory Hole.

Spore Press will be releasing their first new titles of the year this week so it is exciting times indeed.

Stay Scared,


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