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Drakelow Tunnels 31/10/13 - Halloween Vigil - the FULL report

Setting off at just gone six in the evening was our only option, in order to make the 100+ mile trip.  The previous evening my team and I had discussed the potential activity we could face the following day, whilst busily carving up our pumpkins.  I decided to carve Pamela Voorhees (pic below) and it happily sat on the parcel shelf of our vehicle, as we ventured out on the long journey to the Midlands, Kidderminster.



Pamela Voorhees, mother of Jason and my carving for Halloween 2013




The rain was heavy as was the sky and the darkness shrouded us and our car sped along the M6 motorway.  The country lanes that would take us to our destination after leaving the motorway were disorientating In the never-ending black of night.  As the clock arrived at 8:45pm, our car pulled into the car park.  We had arrived, and with our equipment at the ready, we began the short walk to the entrance of Drakelow Tunnels.  Please see link for some interesting facts and history of this huge complex http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drakelow_Tunnels



Drakelow Tunnels appear picturesque in the daylight...




After initially walking around for an hour or so to enable us to gather our bearings and plan the vigils, we settled down with a hot cup of tea.  The dank dampness and pitch black surroundings only heightened the expectation, and we had to consider this when conducting the many experiments we had planned.  There were too many points of interest to ever attempt to investigate in one sitting, and I am sure this will be a place we will return to at some point.  However, the places chosen were the BBC studios, the 'tunnel of the devil' (as we christened it), the war plane factory, and the area of Ivan (not the character from my latest novel, Ivan Macneil - see link for my new novel http://www.warrenrome-authorofthemacabre.com/#!buy-books ).


The BBC studio was a small soundproof room that housed ancient telephones and equipment. This area was incredibly eerie.  After researching the room I uncovered reports of a female ghost named Emily.  Although not grounded, Emily was a regular visitor.  According to the literature, she haunted the area because of the happy memories of meeting her lover and husband, and visitor's had reported hearing laughter and voices only to enter the room and find it empty.  We set up our equipment and began our vigil.  For this experiment we conducted a hand held séance, and before long we were all encountering strange sensations.  I had my hat pulled over my face on two occasions and my partner, Holly, was aware of someone standing behind her and brushing past her as she turned around to witness the cause of the uncomfortable feeling.  Of course, there was nothing visible to the naked eye but the feeling of being watched was prominent.



One of the many maze-like tunnels




The next vigil we decided to use a Spirit Box.  This equipment was not something we had used before, and so with little experience and much trepidation, we began our experiment.  The witching hour was closing in and little did we know that this piece of equipment would produce remarkable results.  Within moments of setting up the box, the spirits were eager it seemed, to communicate with us.  What initially was exciting, did become frustrating.  As good as the box is, if you have multiple entities attempting conversation, the results can become somewhat confusing and hard to decipher correctly.  Initially the first spirit that attempted to converse with us, gave his name as Cyril.  A very amiable chap it seemed, and only too happy to chatter away!  He told us that he was grounded in this huge place and although he enjoyed working here, it seemed he was not aware he had passed away.  He continued on and told us he had passed away very quickly after falling from ladder in the tunnels.  He was also more than happy to discuss other spirits that resided in the place and even described what another group of investigators were experiencing two miles away with the medium who was also conducting an experiment.  



Dozens of orbs and a strange mist are just one of the eerie occurrences of Halloween 2013 in the tunnels




Our early excitement quickly changed to fear as Cyril called out to my partner, Holly.  Hearing her name through the voice box was certainly a shock and unnerved her, understandably.  We continued in conversation however and Cyril discussed the demonic entity that was present in Drakelow tunnels.  This was something I personally, was eager to explore and Cyril did not disappoint.  Naming the demon as Baphomet, I knew only too well of this particular demon.  Noted as a horned, demon with wings, this demon or devil is well known in occult circles.  The box only contains 2000 words in its vocabulary and we double-checked, Baphomet was not included in the 2000 words available.  I had set up my camcorder and listening to the footage from this experiment, I was stunned to hear a loud sound of someone exhaling close to the microphone.  This in itself was unexplainable, as the camera was situated away from the group and on the ground.  The microphone is positioned on the base of the camera, meaning that in order for one of the team to have caused this sound would have meant crawling along the floor to the whirring camcorder.  Very strange to say the least!



Baphomet, the winged demon mentioned in the 14th Century trial transcripts of the Knights Templar.  This demon was (according to reports) summoned by devil worshippers in the last few decades of history in the tunnels.  Furthermore, the stupidity of teenagers and their meddling with a witch board in recent years have further entrenched the rumours of a demonic presence in the Drakelow Tunnels.



We attempted a Ouija board which disappointingly revealed little.   In its prime the old factory would produce plane parts for the planes of World War II.  Although the results in this area were less than satisfactory, I did manage to catch dozens of orbs (see photo) on my digital camera.  The K2 EMF meter revealed little and the digital laser thermometer revealed even less.



As the hour of 2am passed, we ventured into the area of Ivan.  I had spent twenty minutes alone in a tunnel, with only the darkness for company (or so I thought).  I heard many sounds which appeared to react to my question's.  However the EMF meter picked up no changes in the atmosphere, and I had to conclude that potential wildlife or consequences of the surrounding environment were the cause.  Returning to the séance I was amazed when my friend Brian confirmed he had been interfered with!  It was reported that this was a consequence of meeting Ivan, who, notorious with many previous investigators, enjoyed nothing more than man-handling the visitors.  Women and men alike reported being touched in their intimate area's and it seemed that Brian was to become another name on the growing list of Ivan's victims.



The evening concluded at 3am and we were all exhausted with our night's work.  An enjoyable Halloween for 2013 and a place that definitely needs another visit.  I truly believe that there is a lot happening in those four miles of underground tunnels and hopefully we will return there one day.

Check out the further blogs for more pictures straight after this one (including an image of a ghostly pair of legs, reminiscent of the reports of a man in blue uniform seen carrying a clip board that supposedly haunts the tunnels)


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