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(Don't) Let it Snow, (Don't) Let it Snow, (Don't) Let it Snow...

Well, Monday is here again and the weather is pretty crappy to say the least.  The Counrty is supposedly suffering with snow fall but thankfully, although it did snow here in the North West last night, it rained this morning leaving the roads clear.  Now don't get me wrong, I love snow at Christmas, but when it snows in January and people are just trying to get about their daily routines, it just makes everything that much more of an effort; a half an hour journey suddenly becomes a ninety minute trek; old people are falling over right left and centre (young people too but it's the old peeps I feel for); animals out in the elements struggle even more...  It's a nightmare.  I guess we just are not used to proper snow in this country and when it comes, everything is fucked. 

I remember on a holiday in Benalmadena, Spain, chatting to a friend who lives out there and he said "When it rains in this place, give it ten minutes and then wait for the sirens".  I didn't understand what he was getting at, at the time.  A couple of days later we had a tropical rainstorm and within minutes, the grids were popping up in the road and water was gushing everywhere from overflowing pipes...  The whole place was brought to a standstill and then...  The sirens.  Apparently, the drivers out there just cannot drive in the rain, they are just not used to it.  "Half don't even know where the windowscreen wipers are" he later quipped.

There is little in the way of news regarding the release date of Glory Hole but as soon as I hear a date I will announce it.  It will be this year, when I can be more specific I will let you all know.

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