Warren Rome

Warren Rome

Author of the Macabre

COMPETITION & A Chance to name a character in my upcoming novel!

Well, as promised :-) To celebrate the release of my first novel, Glory Hole (tentatively dated for a 2nd October 2012 release date, although this is liable to change) I am opening a competition. 

Basically, I want everyone reading to send me their stories and photographs of anything paranormal, alien orientated, or just plain dark!  They have to be the real deal...  No fakes!  Everything has to be factual and I will judge the 6 best and post them on here.    Three winners will each receive a signed copy of Glory Hole; two will receive extremely limited edition t-shirts of Glory Hole and one lucky winner will get to name a character in my upcoming novel (please note, the name will be used at the authors discretion and so could be any type of character, good or evil, so please - remember this when picking the name)  I will give the characteristics of the character at a later date :-)

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