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Warren Rome

Author of the Macabre

Check out the new page on my website tomorrow. The Launch of Au-Thursday:

I thought it would be awesome if I could interview authors from around the world who are loved for their dark literature.  I will be uploading a different interview every Thursday and I hope it will reveal a little insight into their thoughts, processes and pending masterpieces! 


To kick it all off, I have a fantastic interview with the author of the truly terrifying book The Gorge.  Jason L McPherson, also of Spore Press, will be answering ten questions about his writing and his upcoming works.  Next Thursday I am delighted to host an interview with A.R. Wise, author of the outstanding 314 and its sequel as well as the Deadlocked series.  Two excellent interviews and there will be plenty more in the following weeks.


Be sure to check out the interview with Jason L. McPherson tomorrow.

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