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Warren Rome

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Busy Weekend...

Well, the weekend is nearing conclusion and it has certainly been a busy one!  On Friday, my brother and his partner joined Holly and I for a movie night, where we watched The Lodge and devoured far too much pizza! 


On Saturday my paranormal team finally made our annual visit to my personal, favourite location, Pendle Hill.  Be sure to check my blog tomorrow for the full report, photo's and camcorder footage (including an orb shooting past us as we attempted a Ouija board experiment).  I love Pendle Hill for its creepy atmosphere and notorious history (see Pendle Witch trials including the infamous Elizabeth Demdike and Alice Nutter  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pendle_witches).  Last night proved to be terrifying and tomorrow I will explain why...


On the book front, J.C. Martin kindly blogged about my new novel Glory Hole.  J.C. Martin is the author of two incredibly creepy novels (The Doll and the recently released Oracle).  Thank you so much for the support J.C.http://jc-martin.com/fighterwriter/2013/08/glory-hole-wa-rome/


On a sour note, my football team lost.  I don't want to discuss it as I am fanatical about my team, all I can say is, bring in a midfielder - pllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

Check out my blog tomorrow on the goings on in Pendle on the night of the 31st August 2013 and why we must return to the sight again very soon!

Stay Scared



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