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Blood Cabin AKA 'Murder Loves Killers Too'





I sometimes find it hard to be totally scathing and disparaging about certain movies, particularly when their sentiment is well-meaning.  ‘Blood Cabin’ AKA Murder Loves Killers Too (the most ridiculous title for some time) certainly falls under this bracket.  The opening with the pro-longed commentary providing the viewer with a background and introduction to the story was fine.  The rapid murder spree taking out the vast percentage of the cast in the opening twenty minutes was rather refreshing too.  It’s just that, the movie is simply not very good.  If you are a member of geekdom towers then you will no doubt pick up on the numerous sly winks and nods to horror classics of the past: Alien, Evil Dead, Halloween, Friday 13th and so on…  However, despite this, the movie ponders along sluggishly in the middle.


I am still unsure if I like the ‘hero’ of the movie; our bad guy.  Big Stevie (Allen Andrews) says pretty much nothing until the final showdown, but I personally just did not find any of it menacing.  The deaths were good in parts and poor in others.  I particularly liked the nod to ‘House by the Cemetery’ with the knife through the mouth scene, but some of the deaths were poorly constructed and executed.


With its short running time and funky soundtrack (very reminiscent of some of the classic Giallo tracks) there is some fun to be had, but with the stunning comments on the cover I felt somewhat deflated at the end of the movie as I was expecting more.  One other point of note is the ending; most slasher movies conclude with some form of twist and Blood Cabin is no exception.  I won’t say anymore as I do not wish to spoil one of the main highlights of the movie.


Overall, we have seen this done numerous times previously and done better.  I will never grow bored with slasher movies or horror movies in general for that matter, but I think we as the audience should expect more these days and unfortunately, Blood Cabin did not deliver with such expectations.


On a final note, the extras on this DVD are excellent.  There are cast and crew interviews, a behind the scenes documentary and an excellent (running over fifteen minutes) short consisting of the director reading through the (literally) hundreds of titles created before they finally settled for the bizarre title of ‘Murder Loves Killers Too’ or Blood Cabin for UK viewers.


Overall, I will give this a generous 5/10 *****


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