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Au-Thursday with Sharon Van Orman

"14 days till Halloween, Halloween, 14 more days till Halloween... Silver Shamrock".  Don't you just love that irritatingly loveable, strangely addictive tune from Halloween III - Season of the Witch?  I hope you are all gearing up for a fantastically frightful, fiendishly good Halloween!  As I am sure you all know, my team and I have been busily planning our paranormal investigation for Hallows Eve.  I cannot reveal anything yet but keep checking on this very blog for updates.


Due to my being crazily busy, I have neglected this blog over the last week or so.  Apologies for that.  At this time of year, it always becomes rather hectic in the Rome household.  The initial murmurs of Christmas just around the corner, the continuous planning of Halloween (not to mention purchases of decorations for the house), the continuing promotion of Glory Hole whilst working on The Field, Au-Thursday interviews and escaping dogs!  (I will tell all tomorrow about Morrison's Grand Day out yesterday whilst Holly and I were at work...   Anyway, i will do my utmost to blog every day but please bear with me as I am insanely busy at the moment and hoping I can conclude everything in good time.


Today is of course, Au-Thursday and I am proud to welcome fellow Spore Press author, Sharon Van Orman, writer of the quite brilliant 'Lykaia'.  Sharon is a fabulously talented author and I am sure we will be seeing many more books from her in the future.  She was also one of the authors in the compliation recently released by Spore Press (www.sporepress.com) 'Season of the Dead'.  Another fantastic read, I am sure you will agree.  Be sure to check out my interview, exclusive to Au-Thursday and www.warrenrome-authorofthemacabre.com later today.


I will reveal all about Morrison's Grand Day out on tomorrow's blog and give a little more news on the current goings on in the world of Warren.


Until then,

Stay Scared





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