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Au-Thursday tomorrow with D.A Wearmouth


Good evening everyone,

I hope this blog finds you all well and gearing up for a scary Halloween.  I just love this time of year.  The beautiful colours of the environment changing around us, the crispness of the air, the building crescendo of excitement as children and adults alike began creating, contemplating before finally choosing their costumes.  Unfortunately, I will not be partaking this year due to other commitments (a paranormal investigation three miles underground), but I hope you will send me some of your pics - go crazy guys and gals!


I hope to complete The Field imminently.  It will then go through the editing and re-editing process which should take around a month.  Finally, after all of this the manuscript is submitted to my publisher.  I will keep you all posted.


I will receive the figures for sales of Glory Hole next month.  The comments by Spore Press indicate it to be doing well which is promising.  I know readers have submitted excellent reviews and I have received numerous kind comments relating to my work - thank you all for the support, it is very much appreciated.  However, the number of requests for a sequel has begun to gather momentum.  Sheesh!  Let me be completely honest.  I never intended to write a sequel.  Initially, I contemplated penning a prequel relating to Ivan and Danny in 'Nam.  With the many other books I will be writing, it has remained just a possibility.  With so many requests for a sequel - many requesting the return of Taylor (something I was not originally considering) I will take into account all of the reader's remarks, and I will keep you posted.  All I will say is, it is a possibility.  I have thirteen more books weighing heavily on my shoulders and I need to unburden my crooked spine and complete them.  If only you could bottle time...


Finally, Au-Thursday returns tomorrow with D.A Wearmouth a writer (with his brother) of the fantastic horror / thriller First Activation : A post apocalyptic thriller.  Not only an incredible talent but a really nice guy, too.  Check out the interview tomorrow, exclusive to www.warrenrome-authorofthemacabre.com

Until tomorrow folks,

Stay Scared




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